Wednesday, September 18, 2013

27 Things...

27 things Cale...

1. I like ice cream.
2. I like video games.
3. I play jokes on people.
4. Reeses Blizzards from DQ is my favorite.
5. I like to look at my wife.
6. I like my birthday.
7. I'm going to be a dad. A cool dad.
8. I help my wife.
9. I like Mt. Dew.
10. Alaska was fun. With the bears. Yeah.
11. I really like hockey.
12. Red Wings are the best.
13. I don't like water. No.
14. I don't like hospitals.
15. I don't like going to the dentist.
16. I like to laugh.
17. I like to make other people laugh.
18. Chicken Nuggets are good from McDonald's only.
19. I like dogs.
20. My cat Scratch is the best cat.
21. I like to hang out with my brother.
22. I like to hang out with friends too. With all people I like.
23. I like my baby. It's small. It's in Kathleen's belly.
24. I like making jokes.
25. I like speaking in Spanish when I can. Some words I know.
26. Maple Bars. Yum. So good.
27. I'm tall. I'm 6'2". That's tall.

Cale's brain injury causes him to think and act as a child would. Over the last year or so we've been very aware of him emerging into more teen-like behavior at times which can be very interesting...and a whole lot of fun! ;)

I've been thinking and watching him lately wondering if him being so child-like is such a bad thing. I know that as his wife I'm supposed to help guide him in life now and help him relearn how to be an adult, but I don't want to focus on "changing" him. 

I love that he'll wear a pizza hat to the store. I love that during bible study he'll get down on the ground, work his way to a 5 month old and start talking to her to make her smile. I love that he'll giggle when someone says the word "but" because it sounds like butt. I love that he will have a grape throwing war with our Pastors wife (also a close friend!) on a Sunday morning. I love that he finds such joy in the small things in life, like getting to push the shopping cart.

I love that after me saying Happy Birthday to him this morning, his first words are, "I'm older than you now! Heehee! You're small."

And you know what? I don't think that will ever change for him. Most of us will or have already hit the point that we're excited to not be as old as the next person, but Cale, he'll always love that a few months before me, he's a larger number.

Don't get me wrong, I'm there to help guide when he's inappropriate (if I can hold myself together enough! I usually want to crawl under a table and hide...) or to help when he's out of line. But, his child-like awe over life, I can't steal it. I can't rob him of that treasure.

Happy Birthday to my kid-stuck-in-a-mans-body husband. If only there were more like you...