Thursday, September 28, 2017

Photo Dump.

Hey guys, 
I don't have much to say this week. Well, actually, I have a toooooon I could say but I'm choosing to not just get on here and type whatever wants to spew out. Maybe others should try that too...

Ha. Sorry. I had to say it. 

I guess I'll just start uploading pictures!

This boy. 

Last Tuesday Nora and I went on a date. It was so fun. We try for these times of just the two of us as often as we can make them happen. I always always ALWAYS love them. We had matching hats to wear and went to see a free movie downtown. She was so excited about it. My kid at this point does not love sitting for movies. She's just too busy. About half way through she turned to me and said, "I think we should go to the coffee shop." So, we did! And do you see our dino friends? They also needed hats. Because, why not?

Aaaaaand, tonight was a battle with her. She was over tired and not wanting to obey in the slightest. It's good for my mommy heart to look back on last week and our special's all progress.

The Mr. & Mrs. went kayaking again. It was a good date and we were cool and used a selfie stick for the first time! ha. 

Sweet friends came to watch Nora play soccer. They made Nora a fun sign...which E wanted to play with. Do you see the face Nora is making? Hahaha...she is always making this face with him.

They were singing and dancing...

Saturday started with friends at soccer and then right after we went to one of the museums nearby and had fun with more friends. We've been to this museum several times and finally saw a new area this time. So fun!

After soccer and museum, we went to our neighborhood fall bash. There was a cake walk...and I won! And then Cale took a turn...and he won! And then Nora took a turn...and she won...and then I went again...and WON! No joke. We were full of cakes. oh yes. oh yes. oh yes.

We went for a walk to the closest fire station with a friend and took them goodies to eat. We've been talking to Nora a lot about serving others and being a blessing. We wanted to say thank you to the firemen for serving our town and bless them with yummy treats. It was fun! The girls both loved giving the treats and then they were surprised with they also were given gifts! At one point when Nora was looking at some of the things in the building she said, "Mommy, I really really want to be a fireman after the other stuff." She's got a list going...haha. 

We went to this little playground area and in my head I thought it would be perfect because it was fenced, it had a turf floor so it would be better for Easton to get down and it was small so the kids couldn't really get out of sight. Well, because Easton puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, it was quite the trip. He went to every single leaf, or piece of garbage or bark and put it in his mouth. Yikes kid.

Easton has been taking steps here and there. I think the most in a row so far was 6. He likes to go really fast though and I think taking steps still slows him down too much. But when he can push something, he flies! The other night it was so beautiful out (It's the end of September and we're still in the 90's here!) so we took his walker outside to walk. He loved it! 

He may have been playing hockey with a ladle and a plastic bowling ball. 


Ok, I think thats a pretty good photo dump.


Monday, September 18, 2017

31 Reasons Why...

Today is my man's 31st birthday.

In the past on his birthday, I've done fun things about him but this time, I'm going to post why I love him...not all the reasons why just 31 one of them :)

1. He loves deeply. He always has.
2. He's hilarious. He makes me laugh so hard I almost wet myself-often. 
3. He admits when he doesn't know something.
4. He's willing to adventure with me even if he'd rather be doing something else.
5. His daily goal is to make other people laugh and it makes him so happy when he does.
6. He's real. He's not fake with anyone.
7. He always makes sure to let me know I'm beautiful. 
8. He loves helping me. Even when he doesn't want to, he does...usually ;)
9. He loves to cuddle.
10. He pops my toes and rubs my feet.
11. He's honest. He won't lie to you. 
12. He always reaches to hold my hand. 
13. His voice gets just a little deeper when he's talking to certain people. 
14. He turns off all the lights. Always. He says he's saving money.
15. When we go to a restaurant or we're just out somewhere, he'll hold the door for, lots of people. He just stands there holding the door. 
16. He will always share his sweets with me.
17. He attempts to make the bed for me because he knows I like it made- he doesn't care at all if it's made but he does it for me.
18. When my head hurts or my stomach doesn't feel good or something is going on with one of the kids, if I ask him to pray, he prays right away and sometimes he prays without me asking.
19. He loves being around people. Its hard for him now but when it's for a short time, he loves it.
20. He likes to know about people. He likes to know things they like and don't like and he actually cares. 
21. He dances with me. It's usually in our kitchen but it's always so special.
22. He cares about Mama. He worries about her and it stresses him out when she looks like she's hurting.
23. He plays with Nora and doesn't care if he looks ridiculous.
24. He hates trying new food but recently he's been trying at least one bite to be a good example for Nora. He even finished something we were having for dinner even though he was gagging. He wanted her to see him finish it. 
25. One of his trainers he had last year said that when he would ask Cale to do something, like 20 pushups, Cale would do 30.
26. When he messes up, he's truly repentant. 
27. When he laughs really hard, he makes a silly noise that always makes me laugh harder. 
28. He makes friends wherever he goes. He'll show pictures from his phone to strangers because thats his way to communicate. 
29. He'll wake me up in the middle of the night just to tell me he loves me so much. This sometimes makes me want to scream since I have a baby boy who hates sleep and keeps me awake BUT deep down, I love it. 
30. He'll watch chick flicks with me.
31. He loves Jesus. And it's not a fake or made up love. He really loves him and it's very real. 

I'm so thankful for this sweet man I get to love and be married to. 

Happy Birthday Boy, I love you so.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Will Not Disappoint

I'm just going to start out saying that I am probably just as exhausted today as I was writing my last post but choosing to write in the morning compared to almost bedtime makes a huge difference! My brain can function a little easier with sunshine and coffee :)

Nora is at preschool. Oh how I love preschool. Not just for me to have 3 hours to get a few things done but I love it for her as well. She thrives when she's getting to be around friends and have her dose of people time...sounds a little like her mommy ;)

Easton is napping. This morning nap doesn't always last as long as I want it to so I'm going to dive right in because this whole day is going to be on the GO.

Nora was saying "I'm going to run speedy fast!"

For those of you that know us or have read this blog for awhile, you know we are a hockey family and we love the Red Wings. Well, now that the Carolina Hurricanes play about 20ish minutes from where we live, we decided we're going to embrace them. If they play the Wings, like they did in March-we're all about the Red Wings. 

Part of this was my encouragement to Cale even though I know as a sports lover, you just love your team and support them no matter where you live BUT I knew there would come opportunity for Cale to engage with the Hurricanes...especially since he plays sled hockey here. In my womanly mind it seemed to make sense, and I think its been spot on! 

Sunday morning there was a 5k for the Hurricanes so I signed me up to run it and I signed Nora up for the 100yd dash. I ran with the double stroller and yikes. Racing with a stroller-no bueno. I made it though and it was fun :) Nora enjoyed getting to be a part of it and see what is actually happening when Mommy is in a race. 

After I ran, it was her turn. I definitely should have signed her up for the 200yd dash. After she finished hers, she wanted to keep running! Please note her shoes...apparently kids have feet that grow and I should have checked to see if her sneakers fit before it was time to leave the house...

After all the running and eating were finished, we spent time playing in the bounce houses. At one point Cale was down a little from us shooting pucks in one of the blow up things, Nora was inside the bounce house and I was standing right outside holding E. They had already called out all of the winners and because I had the double stroller I knew I wasn't on that list-Ha!

I had kind of checked out from listening to the guy on stage until I heard, "Kathleen Darling! Is Kathleen Darling still here? Kathleen Darling?" 


That's ME!!! 

I took off running towards the stage with Easton in my arms, waving to let them know I was there. Now for whatever reason, I started thinking, Did I really run that fast with a stroller?  I mean, was there special times for the beasty moms and dads pushing their kiddos and I was that fast??? 

I ran up the stairs very perky and proud of myself to find out that no, I didn't run super fast-but I did win a raffle. 

Which...I'm usually not the one winning a raffle so that was fun.

It was for two free tickets-which was even better!

but for those few seconds of thinking I won so fast...yeah, I was cool in my head.

Right after leaving all of the fun at the 5k, we went straight over to the ice rink so Cale could get on the ice! Sled hockey season has officially started! We are so excited! 

It's going to take a little time to get back in our rhythm but we're ready.

Cale did say it was hard at first but during the scrimmage he ended up making a goal. yahoo! 

Our friend September from WA came to visit in April and bought Nora this turtle. Well, he's definitely a tough cookie and with some bandaids, he's able to just keep swimming-

Randomly we'll hear the piano and will find Easton playing away. It is so sweet! 


The quiet moments while I typed the earlier section have ended and mass chaos has broken out in my home. Haha. I'm going to wrap this up and finish with this...

While growing up, I've often read Romans 5. Last week on Labor Day I read it in a few different versions which I always enjoy. The focus has always been on verse 3 & 4. 

And not only that, but we also rejoice in our afflictions, because we know that affliction produces endurance, endurance produces proven character, and proven character produces hope. 

I've memorized these verses. I've probably blogged at some point about these verses. These verses are the stand out ones but the next verse is what stuck out to me this time:

This hope will not disappoint us, because God's love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

I know I've read this hundreds of times but reading the words this time registered differently. 

We are told to rejoice in our afflictions (or sufferings depending on translation)
because apparently these afflictions create in us endurance (or perseverance) and with that, our character. When you get to the end it says it then produces hope. 

When I read that on a good day, yes and amen. I completely agree.

At the end of a day when my head hits the pillow and I feel like I am waist or shoulder deep in the trenches, well, sometimes I'm not so quick to raise my hand high and say "yes! amen!" so enthusiastically. Rather, I'm letting the questions run through my mind, 

What does that mean right now? What does that look like where I'm at? 

The very next words though say, 

This hope will not disappoint us

and why will it not?

because God's love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. 

If you've chosen Jesus, you've been given the Holy Spirit and with the Holy Spirit we're able to experience God's love in a real and personal way. He says, this hope that is being built in us will not disappoint. 

I love that. 

When the pain feels pointless, we just need to be reminded that we're being molded to be more and more like Christ- and again I do know that. 

When I read it last Monday, I felt like God knew I needed to keep reading. My human brain can't even grasp what is fully taking place. 

This good work He's doing in us when we choose Him-
we will not be disappointed with the outcome. 

I love serving a God that is continually refining me. Shaving away what needs to be gone.

Shortly after sitting with my Bible and letting everything play through my mind and heart, I got on fb and while scrolling through, a guy from church had posted this same verse.

I also love that. It felt like a little extra hug. 

I didn't do a ton of research on these verses or study the full context (which at some point I know I will!), I just let a few words soak in and bloom.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Playing, Praying & Not Pretending Peppy.

Hey friends,

I'm worn out. 
I'm not even going to try to pretend to be peppy. 

If you were sitting in my living room chatting with me right now, I'd probably stack up a couple pillows on my couch, grab a quilt from the chair next to the fireplace and lay down while we chatted. Hopefully, you would be fine with me getting cozy!

I have something on my heart to share but I just don't have the energy to type it out and gather my thoughts tonight week I'll share with you. I think that will actually be great for me to chew on the verses a little more.

For now, I'll quickly share through pictures this last week :)

I think he wondering why sissy is in the swing and not him...

She could be in this swing for hours and hours and giggle as enthusastically the entire time! 

He's a cute little running partner!

Bubba, Auntie and Cici (My brother, his wife and my niece) came to visit and both of my kiddos loooooove it. 

This is the only picture I snapped on Labor Day. We had some friends over and after all the playing, I found Nora snoozing in the playroom. She played so hard she crashed. Friends are such a gift.

I went to the park with these two the other day and we all had so much fun. I love how everything is so new and exciting. Nora loves bugs. Have I told you that yet? She always finds them and wants them to be her friends. She found two caterpillars this time and begged me to take them home with us. I told her we couldn't and they needed to stay at the park. I realized later that she could have just taken them but because she was throwing a huge fit and I had already said no, it wasn't going to happen. Once she was all buckled in her carseat, through tears she asked, "Mommy, can I just go give him one more hug?" 

Mommy & Daddy went on a date to CFA with gift cards that we had won on another one of our dates. Made it extra fun!

Easton loves food. Nora loved food at this age too and then decided to hate it all one I'm praying this little guy just keeps lovin' him some food. 

Nora started soccer this am! She LOVED it! I wasn't quite sure how she was going to do but I really do think she has more skill at it than her mommy! When we were walking to the car she said she didn't want to go home she wanted to keep playing soccer. And then later this evening I asked if she wanted to go to The Hill (our church has a Saturday night service) and she said, "No thanks. I just want to play soccer."

I'm excited. It was fun to watch her at her dance recital, but I knew she didn't love it. Watching her be so happy and actually wanting to play this morning made such a difference! Her daddy was pretty proud of her too! 


One last thing,

we are praying for everyone involved in Harvey and Irma...and the other two coming! As I've read and watched updates, my heart is so heavy for everyone involved. It's so interesting how once you have a baby, your perspective on everything changes. I was talking to my SIL when they came last week about who when you think of all the details about how damaging Harvey was, its heartbreaking! The homes that people go back to...the lives lost. The tangible things in life that are part of their everyday life-gone. 

And then Irma swoops in to steal the show. 

We have been watching her path. At one point it seemed like she was going to introduce herself to us in a very up close and personal way but at this point, she seems to have changed her mind. Such a woman.

But I'm thankful. 

As I've been thanking God for her path changing, I'm also praying for the path that she is on...for every single person affected. 

There's also a lot of fires back in WA/OR and I've looked at pictures of the beauty that home is, in flames. 

Heavy hearts. Heavy conversations. Heavy prayers.