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Well hello there! 
If we haven't met, my name is Kathleen :) 
I'm married to Cale and we have two kiddos.
Most of all, I love Jesus & I love His word. 

I married my man young, excited for the all that the future held for us. We survived Basic Training, AIT, two long deployments with some distant trainings mixed in for the Army. 

About a month and a half after he safely returned home to me after his last deployment, during a trip to visit my brother and his family, we were in a terrible car accident. 

It was one of those gut wrenching-life changing-where's the rewind button moments.

This blog was started by Cale's best friend at the time. I didn't even know what a blog was and I wasn't super excited about posting but we knew we needed people praying!

As time continued in hospitals this blog became a place for me to process, capture & collect all of my thoughts while sharing them with everyone reading. 

I have become so thankful for this space and the way you reading have become such a gift to me.

I love people.
I love quiet mornings with coffee.
I love cozy nights with cocoa.
I love watching my kids explore and playing pretend.
I love running.
I love sweets...a little too much.
I love listening to books on Audible.

This is my husband. His name is Caleb but he goes by Cale. 

After surviving a car accident that was on the brink of stealing his life, he came out of it with a severe traumatic brain injury. 

He is funny. Like, he can be really really funny. He loves making people laugh.

He loves hockey. He used to love the Detroit Red Wings and always had but after we moved to North Carolina, I encouraged him to embrace the Hurricanes and we can both say we are now big fans of them. 

Life is hard and a lot has been taken from this guy but he's here and gets to be husband & daddy even though it looks different than we had imagined. 

He misses the Army and although his memories are all jumbled up, he often asks about rejoining.

He LOVES junk food! Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, chips, candy, pie, soda, cookies, chocolate, hamburgers, and the list could keep going! Anything healthy is extremely hard to get past him.

This is my sweet wild spunky Nora. 

She is a gift that we prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed about.

When the time came that I felt peace about trying, we were instantly with child-ha.

I imagined having a girl would be sweet and calm. I imagined taking her to dance and playing with a dollhouse and rocking babies with her-this is NOT Nora. 

She loves dinosaurs, planets, sea creatures, rainbows, splashing in puddles, animals, friends, exploring outside while hunting for snakes, spiders & bugs.

She is like her daddy- suuuuuuuper picky. It's a struggle yo.

She is learning life with a daddy who has a brain injury. It's not easy-but she is brave and strong...

...and she has Jesus.

She's also super smart-like too smart. 

This is my sweet sweeeeeeeeet Easton. 

He is the BEST snuggler and has the sweetest heart. 

He loves his sissy like crazy. He follows her around and tries to keep up with her imagination. 

He loves trucks and trains and buses. 

I had hoped for another baby and we both wanted another but after a move across the country, it didn't seem possible. Well, it wasn't too long after settling into our new home we had a positive. 

As my belly grew with the passing months, I wondered how in the world I could love another child the way I so intensely loved Nora. I even stressed about it! Friends said when he came, I would understand- and that I did. 

He makes my heart explode. 

This is Mama. 

You'll hear about her a lot as you read my posts. She is my mom and one of my best friends. She lives with us and daily serves our family. 

She loves my husband even when she sees the hurt I walk through. I understand how incredible this is as I'm now a mommy to a daughter who I can't imagine her walking out what I do. 

I love the way she loves my kids. 

Her space and time are invaded by my people and it's with a very willing heart she allows it to continue to happen day after day. 

She loves coffee.
She loves crafts.
She loves Hallmark Christmas movies.
She loves being Grammy.
She loves reading.
And she really loves comfort food. :)


About Us…

We love God first.
We love each other.
We love our family.
We love our friends (even the ones of you we’ve never met!)

We love how God has daily saturated us with His grace, peace, comfort, strength, kindness, wisdom, joy, love, and so much more. We are so truly blessed by the love story that He has given us with each other and the love story we both have with Him. So, intimate and wrapped so beautifully with the fingerprints of Jesus.

We love that you are sharing in our journey through life. We treasure you dear friend as you read these words; the words from our hearts on this blog, and for your prayers; such sweet words spoken between you and the Lord about us. Thank you.

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