The Darling Project


Thank you so much for clicking on the cute little button with interest to join The Darling Project. You've just blessed my socks off!

Caleb and I are so excited to share with you a new vision for what the Darling Project is going to be about. I wanted to first give you a little background to help with any confusion and then share with you the exciting turn of events!

While we were still inpatient after Cale's accident the Lord opened a door for us to have a home when the time came. Our church had an extra house that at the time was empty. Friends and Family worked hard to get it ready for us complete with a wheelchair ramp out front and widened doorways. It was a blessing and a beautiful gift. Our church family voted and agreed that we could stay in the house until a home of our own was found. With our finances in question once Cale was medically discharged from the Army I wasn't sure how that was going to happen. There was talk and ideas about having the community along with everyone that reads are blog to come together and help get us a house built.

We are so thankful to all of you that contacted me wondering how you could help in the process of building. I know we were both grateful for your willing hearts!

I had asked a few specific people to be praying about the direction the Lord was leading and during that time I received the final documents stating what our new finances were going to be.

After looking everything over and reviewing our budget multiple times, I felt like we could do it with out needing everyone to help. We then started our search for the perfect home. There is a man that attends our church whom we respect and love that poured into us wisdom and time by helping come up with the right plan and helping make it happen. 

Our final decision was to have a house built in a development near another couple we know. Everything from the "let's do this" to "time to sign closing papers" went so quickly! 

We are now owners of our first home. 

Thank you Jesus! 

With all of that taking place, the Darling Project was never really used. I had thought about deleting the button and even the FaceBook page but couldn't quite let go so easily.

We began to pray.

One night while Cale and I were talking about how many needs there are around the world, I became frustrated that I couldn't help all of them. Cale listened and said he agreed and as the conversation went further, we decided we may not be able to help everyone but we knew we could help someone.

The Darling Project was born.

God has provided hundreds of people to join us on our journey and we don't take this as a small thing...we know it's big. We want to take this "big" and use it. Change hearts. Grow hope. Bless.

Each month for the next year we are going to provide something (could be anything) and find somewhere (could be anywhere) and bless people like crazy! 

Want to join us?!

Cale came up with the first idea...for January we're collecting soccer balls that we're going to send to Africa. We want this to be big. 

How can you help make impacts through the Darling Project? Are you willing? Some months will take money some will take time but whether you directly use our monthly lists or you do on your own, are you willing to step out in 2013 and be a blessing?!

We have our Facebook group titled The Darling Project. Join and follow along! We encourage you to post pictures of your involvement, post ideas, and connect with others! We want to know your stories of how you're able to bless others! 

This is amazing...I'm so grateful and incredibly blessed to have you be apart of this.