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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Update - Joy

Cale came through the bronchoscopy really well, they did not get as much junk out as they did the first time which is good news. His heart rate, respiratory & blood pressure are doing really good, they are back to almost normal levels. They have put the cooling cover on him and his temperature is gone. His mother Kathy said he looks more relaxed and we are all happy about that. God is so good, He gives us all strength & He has given Cale a few more micro-mini baby step miracles. Love to you all!


  1. Kathleen and Cale,
    The lord put me in the right place at the right time. I never go that way to pick my son up on Haw Branch. But I was put there to help you guys in any way that I could. To the family, if there is anyway I can help please let me know. Kathleen be strong as I know you will be. Cale, be strong brother I will be waiting to shake your hand for what you have done for our country. Your Guardian Angel, GySgt Chris Ovanek, US Marines

  2. So glad to hear that things are getting better! I was starting to worry hard again. Love you all!

  3. Praise God for answered prayers! Having been praying a lot for you guys today. -Bonnie Bennett

  4. I am a good friend of cheis and i have been kept up with cales progress i just want you all to know cale is in my prayers and all of you for you strength during cales speedy recovery thank you sweet jesus much love to you all Tricia

  5. Kathleen Stay strong! I'm still here and still praying for you! I love you both so much! Cale keep fighting!! Sending you all my love! You'll get it Mon or Tue. :) If you need anything just let me know! I will pray and pray and pray for Cale to recover fast! God is so much bigger then this and He has a plan! This whole thing still doesn't seem real. I can't wait to get on here and see that he is awake and talking and that he's going to be alright! I believe it in my soul that Cale will walk again! And that people's lives will be changed cuz of all of this! And yes Joy I am praying for the 16 year old boy. I started last Sunday. When God layed it on my heart to pray for him and not hate him! we all make mistakes from time to time. Just some mistakes cost more then others. Love you! ~Tigger~

  6. I came across this blog via a friend and was so touched by the family coming together and each posting from their perspective. I don't know any of you & happen to live around the world from you all but I've been praying for Cale and now that I've seen the blog, I certainly won't forget to keep praying. Bless you all!

  7. We are so grateful to be able to keep you all in our prayers. You all are in our thoughts through the day. We rejoice with you in each tiny step you witness.
    Love Karla & Dennis KBC <><


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