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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update - Joy

There are quite a few things to tell since yesterday. Cale has started to move his thumb on command, this is the first time that he has been told to move his thumb and he has responded. He was taken off of sedation as of 12:30 yesterday & when light was shined in his eyes there was a definite reaction. Last night while Kathleen & Joe were in his room, he was playing with Kathleen's hand, moving both arms, moving his toes & pulling at his gown. Late last night when they again shined light in his eyes there was reaction & his eye moved away from the light. Yesterday was two weeks since the accident & Cale has come a long way. We praise God for the incredible miracles that have taken place so far.

Today, we found out that they will have to do the EEG over, because it was inconclusive, due to the cooling blanket, which has to be off for at least 24 hours prior to performing this procedure. They have started to wean him off the ventilator. He still has pneumonia, but the pain is more under control, so they feel it is safe to do this. Rehab was in to see him today & feel that he is not ready to be moved into rehab yet, due to the infection in his lungs, the problem with fever & other health issues. They have put splints on his hands to keep them from curling, which will be on for several hours & off for several hours. He has been resting quietly today & keeping his hands to himself.

Today is a day of praises, with the promise of more to come.


  1. Jean M. Benson2/25/10, 2:33 PM

    Hallelueah... Worthy is the Lamb. All Glory to the King of Kings. We are so grateful for this wonderful news. He is on his way back to us. We look forward to the news to that Cale has opened those beautiful baby blues. YES!!!!! Great news....

  2. This is great news! I remember back in the day when TJ, Cale and I would skateboard together every day, he was one of the strongest kids I knew at the time, always wanting to try new things. I know he will pull through all of this because of the type of guy he is, never saying no. He showed his courage by joining the Army and he is showing great courage by pulling through right now. My prayers to you, Cale, and your family.

    2ndLt. Nathan Gravelle

  3. Oh what wonderful encouraging news!!! Praise God from who all blessings flow!!
    The sun is shining today and Cale is reacting to the light of the Lord!<><

  4. What a glorious day. I am dancing with joy with all of you. I am also singing praise to the lord for his divine light.

    Thank you for the sharing of this special day
    I am sorry I had to stay away.
    It may be a little longer
    'Cos I have to grow stronger.

    Thank you for the love you send
    I am not far, I just need time to mend
    Thank you for the well Prayer and Wishes
    I'd like to shower you with Kisses

  5. That is fabulous! There are so many of us that watch for these updates multiple times a day, so thank you thank you thank for posting the updates! God is AWESOME!

  6. Yea! Glad for the happier news! Keep it up Cale! Love you Kathleen!

  7. Chad Pettijohn2/25/10, 4:44 PM

    Praise God for all of His miracles!

  8. Praise God He is so good!! We will keep praying that Cale wakes up soon so he can continue with life. What great news.

  9. Praise the Lord who reigns on high and looks after his children in their hour of distress and brings them back form the cliffs of death and sets them in favorable places. Praise Him for the hand he extends in healing and the comfort of his loving kindness to those who wait on Him. Praise him in the hights and in the lows, Praise him for his acts are mighty and he has not forgotten his little ones, he raises them up on eagels wings and blows gently upon them so that they will fly again. Praise Him for he is good His abundant mercy reaches from the heavens to each generation, and He desires to show himself strong on behalf of those who love him!

  10. Darrel Dawson2/26/10, 3:54 PM

    Iv bin watching these updates since I heard about this.I know that my boy will be alright.Hang in there Kahtleen.I love that boy so much to.


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