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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update - Joy

Tonight Cale moved his head slightly to the left, when his mother and Kathleen were leaving and said goodbye to him. The doctors are saying it was just a spasm in his body, we believe it is another miracle from God. It was after this incident that Kathleen was in his room and she saw his eye move behind his eyelid. She asked him if he moved his eye and said do it again and he did, who doesn't believe that is God's work. The daily little miracles make everything okay here, sitting in a waiting room for hours doesn't seem so long, answering email, text messages and phone calls is now a blessing because I can tell about the miracle that is going on in an ICU room. I have not worried about how anything is going to get taken care, food, transportation, a place to sleep or shower, Gos has that under control. So I can spend my time here taking care of Kathleen, being there for Kathy & Cale and answering all of your questions. God answers the prayers of the multitudes, and I am here to tell you that there is now global prayer going on for Cale. In every country, and state there is at least one person praying for Cale. It's amazing and overwheming for me at the same time to hear from people that I don't know but that know Kathleen or Cale. Tomorrow I look forward to seeing some more little baby step miracles that I can share with everyone.

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