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Monday, March 22, 2010

Update - Beth

Today we didn’t end up moving. It has been kind of frustrating but good. Cale has to be seizure free for 72 hours before they can move him to WakeMed so he does not have a full seizure on the way. The issue has been that the tremors he is having can be seizure activity at times and other times not. Our bodies are so intricately made; it is amazing to think that God knows how every little part works together.
Cale has been moving constantly! It is so great, but he was starting to hurt himself on the railings of the bed. So the Occupational Therapist got him a new bed, it is really fun. It is like a giant play pin, he is able to move around now without the fear of getting hurt.
The time we wait to move is hard, but Cale is keeping us busy. Keep us in your prayers the next couple of days as God is preparing Cale to move to WakeMed. We have see God’s hands and feet at work all around us and are blessed beyond belief.


  1. How marvelous that his body is trying to tell him to wake up. We wait upon the Lord in His own time. We can't wait for the day we read that he is awake. We pray more than you know.
    We love you.
    Charlie and Jean

  2. I remember having to put bumper pads around Cale's crib because he was such an active baby, even in his sleep. My heart and thoughts are still there with you both. It is so hard to not be next to him during this whole thing. Love you both. Cale's mom-Kathy


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