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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Update - Joe

Today was a long day. Cale has finally been moved to his new location at WakeMed Hospital in Cary, NC. We have so much new information about Cale and his treatment plans. It has been a fairly overwhelming day for Kathleen, and she will be posting more tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers today, it has been very evident that God's protection was with Cale's transfer today.


  1. How wonderful to hear that the trip was uneventful and all is good. Prayers are the key. I will be keeping them in mine. Thank You.

  2. was praying for you all today. Glad it went well. Looking forward to the update. New Life family. Watertown

  3. Tamara L. Host3/25/10, 4:49 AM

    That is such great news that Cale has finally been moved to WakeMed. Kathleen I have to tell you, you have brought tears to my eyes once again. Don't think that people have forgotten you and Cale or that they have stopped praying...I for one have not and I'm sure there are many others out there just like me...I'm sure that you have a lot more support and prayers out there that you aren't even aware of...I'm so proud of you for keeping up your faith and strength through all of this...For anyone who reads Cale's blog they truly have seen a miracle unfold...My prayers are always with you...

  4. Hang in their Kathleen. This is a great new step for Cale! I'm praying as I write this that he continues making huge strides toward healing.


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