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Friday, March 26, 2010

Update - Joe

There's a lot of new changes and information that we've been trying to stuff into this blog, so I'm sorry if I'm leaving some things out. Just in the last couple of days that we have been at this new hospital we've seen exciting improvements. He has started to do more with his right arm. For the last while he hasn't moved it at all. He has kept it curled up next to his chest. We were told by his therapist that it is because the muscles are basically all balled up in his arm. She described it like a bad charlie horse. He has started to have some purposeful response to commands. Yesterday when the nurse was in, she was asking him to give her a thumbs up if he could hear her. After about 30 seconds, when the nurse had gone onto other things Kathleen spotted it, "He's doing it!". Cale had a VERY pronounced thumbs up. His speech therapist had said that they were getting some response to commands when they were working with him as well.
The doctors would like to get all of his "tubes" out as soon as possible. Hopefully if everything is still going well, they will be removing his trach tube soon, and when he is able to start eating they will be able to get rid of the feeding tube as well.
There have been a lot of changes, and many more to come. We will try to keep everybody updated as quick as possible when we hear new information.

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