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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Update - Joy

Cale is now off of the ventilator completely, he made it for a full 24 hours of breathing on his own. The trach is still in, but is being used as a sort of humidifier & the speech therapist will use it to to help Cale make sounds. But we pray that soon the trach will be removed also, He yawns occasionally, mostly without any sound, but the nurse told us that is one of the signs that he is starting to wake up. Yesterday Cale was pretty active & feisty in his efforts to grab the hose still attached to the trach. Most of the bruising, scrapes & areas on his head where the staples were are healing nicely. There is still some slight bruising around his left eye and left arm. When Cale is fully recovered he will be very proud of all the scars he has & I'm sure he will want to show them off. With the help of so many prayer warriors, God has shown all of us a true miracle.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah for Cale! What a miracle that boy is! God is truly amazing! Hugs to you, Leena & Kathy. Prayers are still flowing sometimes on an hourly basis.

    ~Kathleen D.


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