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Monday, March 8, 2010

Update - Joy

So we are sitting in Cale's new room & Kathleen is very excited. The nurse showed her how to feed Cale through his feeding tube & she did it on her own. Cale is resting right now, although he was just very actively trying to pull on the tubes. I had my arm blocking his & I told him if he wanted me to move it, he would have to tell me to. All he did was growl at me, not good enough to impress me or scare me. Kathleen is happily sitting on the edge of his bed, holding his hand. It's a very good day at Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville, NC. Thank you God.


  1. Jean M. Benson3/8/10, 4:11 PM

    You just don't don't know how happy I am to read that Cale is out of ICU and that he literally growled at you. Not only does that indicate understanding of your voice but that he is coming out of that coma. We praise the King of all healers for these miracles and are so grateful for the news.We can't wait to hear that he is fully awake. We love you and continue to pray for you every day ...
    Do not be terrified nor discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go..
    Joshua 1:9 (even in a new room)
    Love in Christ,
    Charlie and Jean

  2. Congrats guys!!!! This is a big step for Cale! I am so happy that he is making progress! We will continue to pray for your courage and his progress!
    Mandy Anderson

  3. Mike told me the good news!!! I will have to come visit yall soon! I bet Kathleen will not ever won't to leave him now :) Sleep tight everyone!

  4. Today the sunset was glorious in the Tri Cities...I knew there had to be a special reason HE painted the sky so brilliantly. HIS promise for a better are getting closer to it with each day that passes, every improvement that you witness, every miracle given with greatest love from above. We are so happy along with you...<><


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