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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Update - Kathleen

Woohoo! Today was a day full of so many ups and downs. As far as my amazing husband, he did fantastic! I'm so proud of him! There's little things that he does that make me smile so big because I can see Cale even in the coma. The other day I got a little discouraged when I started reading a book about what rehab was going to look like. I know that he's going to have to learn stuff over again but I had in my mind that Cale and I would have our relationship back. The book talked about behavioral changes and it freaked me out! Well, anyways, since then, I've got my eye's and heart back on track and know that God created Cale, Cale belongs to God not me, and after this is all over, we will still be the couple that God put together and blessed.

All the downs today were from all the stuff we're trying to get figured out like getting the Honda registered when it gets here and insurance stuff. I got really frustrated this afternoon because all I want to do is be by Cale's side and not have to deal with all the other stuff. After taking a couple breaths and getting visited by more very sweet people from Memorial Baptist, I was all better :) No need to get all worked up! God's in control!

Yay for Cale today! He's fighting hard!


  1. AWW....don't worry, we can handle the whole craziness of this all soon. God is blessing you all and this will soon be an amazing book Cal and you can write!! God is truely blessing you, Cale,Joy and Cathy too with so much more than we would have ever thought. So hold on tight as Cale shows you and everyone else what God has been doing while he has been in the coma :)

  2. Kathleen all of your feelings are normal phases you need to go through...let them wash over you and take from them what you need. You can do all things needed because of God who strengthens you! We pray for you each day and you are in our constant thoughts...praise God for sending the members of MBC to sit and wait with is good to know you are not alone there...<><

  3. I read this blog daily...sometimes more then once. I pray that there is good news everytime I open up the page. I am praying for you guys everyday! Love you!

    Angie Soules

  4. Christina Bartlett3/3/10, 7:41 PM

    Hey Kathleen - It's Christina Bartlett, from class last year. My family and I have also been praying for all of you. I told my kids about the Darling family and friends and that is who they have prayed for. Finally my 7-year-old asked my why we call you darling and we don't have nice words for other people we pray for. She wants to pray for her fun aunt and her silly uncle and that darling family!! It took me a while to realize what she was saying and I explained that is actually your last name!! She is still giving everyone adjectives. You are all now the nice and darling family and friends!! So cute!! Your ability to turn so fully to God at such a trying time is an inspiration and reminder for everyone else. We may not all be dealing with things as horrific as you are be we do have trials and triumphs that need to be attritubed to the Lord!

    Your are in His hands and he knows every twitch of your husband's hands and eyelids and is pulling for him as much as you are!

    - Christina


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