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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Update - Kathy

When rehab came to see Cale on Friday they told us that he wasn't quite ready for rehab. He needs to be a little more conscious to where he can track things with his eyes and following our commands more consistently. Saturday morning when I asked him to follow my finger, with his right eye there was just a slight movement to the right, but when I checked his left eye he could follow my finger to the right and the left!!! This was so exciting. What this means is that his level of consciousness is a little more. We are still waiting for a room to open up so Cale can be moved from ICU. He is now completely off of the ventilator. We are all so amazed at Cale's progress. He has accomplished things much quicker than expected.


  1. STACI AND FAMILY3/7/10, 12:23 PM

    Kathy, rehab sounds so important starting soon, moving from ICU sounds great, lets wake up that boy, its time. Cale we need you to help, so the plan is wait, pray and please keep sending updates. I still check on Cale several times in a day, I can remember the long hospital life myself for my Maddison, the nurses become your family, you pace the room, waiting for the Doctors arrival then time and more time passes and before you know it it has been days then weeks. My sanity as a mother came threw only the day I went home, and even then my life views were changed drastically. Kathy and Kathleen we wish we could help you with time. love you Cale Staci

  2. Thank you again for taking the time to update us on all the news! It sure helps to pray specifically for each issue! Caleb's goatee looks good!:-) Praying for you all and rejoice with you with each new step!
    Julie Brennan


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