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Monday, April 12, 2010

Update - Kathleen

The trach is OUT!! Woohoo! He was capped all weekend and this afternoon the doctor came in and took the trach out! It's crazy how it's such a huge step but only took a second for the doctor to do! What a big day today!

I met with the case manager today for the weekly report. The time PT said Cale held his head up was 8-10 minutes. My 15 wasn't too far off ;) He's able to tolerate the tilt table at a 60 degree angle for up to 10 minutes with stable vital signs.

They have Cale in level 3 on the Rancho scale:
III. Localized Response
A person at this level will:
* be awake on and off during the day
* make more movements than before
* react more specifically to what he sees, hears or feels. For example, he may turn towards a sound, withdraw from pain, and attempt to watch a person move around the room;
* react slowly and inconsistently;
* begin to recognize family and friends;
* follow some simple directions such as "Look at me" or "squeeze my hand";
* begin to respond inconsistently to simple questions with "yes" or "no" head nods
Cale at this point is not yet attempting to watch a person move around the room, recognizing family and friends, following simple directions consistently, or responding to any command or question with head nods. So, with not doing any of those it may be hard to understand why he's at level 3. He's just at the very basic level 3.

Progress is being made! It's so exciting! Getting the trach out has felt so far away and now it's out! It's gone. We're all done with that part! :)


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! That is a HUGE step!!! Thank you, Jesus for your unending faithfulness and awareness of Caleb and Kathleen!

    Praying for you so, so much my friend...I can't wait to see pictures of the puppy!!

    I love you!
    Elisabeth (Brennan!) Thomas

  2. YAY!!!!!!! So happy to hear this AWESOME news. God is so faithful to hear our prayers and heartsongs. So wonderful that each little step is adding up to Cale coming back. We love you and never forget that we are praying for you everyday.
    Charlie and Jean

  3. WoooHooooooooo!!!! That's GREAT news!!!

  4. That is such good news! Can't wait to see you in two days! Love ya!

  5. Good News Kathleen! We rejoice with you! Now that he won't have that to bother him---he may concentrate on other things---just to keep you busy! :-)

  6. Yeeeee, Haaaaaawwwwww! Go, Cale, Go!!

    Julie H.

  7. Praise the Lord!!!

    Casey Q

  8. THAT IS HUGE!!! I know how much he has hated the trach. I know it will make things so much easier for you as well. Congrats!!! I am so happy for you!
    Mandy Anderson

  9. Thank the Lord. He is good!!!


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