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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ball hog.

It was a very wonderful day out, warm, but SO nice! My brother came with his family and for the first time we were able to sit outside, all of us together, and see Cale. When Cale has a ball (he loves little balls!) in his hand, he does not share! They got to see him over and over move his hand away from me every time I tried to grab it. He definitely saw my hand reaching for it, and it was his left eye! Yeah! :) It's fun to watch, because, he doesn't just move his hand, he does it, kind of with attitude! It makes me smile every time because when he reacts that way, it shows a little personality :)


  1. You keep that ball Cale. Don't let Kathleen take it from ya. Love you both and miss you both! Glad he keeps doing all this really cool stuff. I read the blog every day.

  2. I am addicted to your blog! Thanks for writing. I live locally, in FV, and I'll be sending you all a card soon. I saw your blog because a friend who knows me from Greenville, NC (I lived and went to school there) mentioned ya'll and so I had to check out your blog. Praying for continued blessings. God is faithful!

    Sarah Bosse

  3. awwwwe how exciting for you all. i wished so bad i could come and be with you through this. im so glad for the warm weather and the time you can spend with anyone even just you and cale and the puppy loveing eachother. im so excited that his eye is not blind and some glimmer of life is there every day. praise God and people who pray i love you guys jurita

  4. Praise God... Kathleen what a tremendous support and between Gods hand and you hands, watch out Caleb

  5. Ha Ha. How funny. You go Cale. You show her who the boss is. It is so encouraging to know that God is so faithful even the small things and in the big like his vision. It is so wonderful to see him up and walking and to see that big smile on your face. With we are facing it seems so small compared to you but you give us so much hope. We love you both. Keep Basil away from the chocolate...LOL.
    Love ya
    C + J

  6. You go Cale, keep letting your personality shine through & show those doctors how strong & stubborn you are. Love to you both!!!


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