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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's Play Ball!

There have been many moments that I would see Cale in his uniform, and become so overwhelmed with how proud of him I was. Today, there was no uniform, but I could not contain the emotion that once again I felt because of how proud I am of my husband. He's fighting so hard.

This morning when PT and OT came in, Carolyn asked Cale to shake her hand. We've tried this over and over and nothing, until today, when Cale raised his hand and gave her a good shake! Oh my goodness! Susan and Carolyn looked at each other with a surprised interested look and then Susan gave it a whirl, and again he gave her good shake too! :) This is amazing!

Then after, I helped him into his chair ;) and they took Cale in the hallway to play ball. Susan threw the ball to him and he caught it! What?! Yeah! He didn't want to let go once he caught it though, so every time they would have to fight a little to get it out of his hands. Later this afternoon we went for round two with the ball game. This time Carolyn bounced it to him, he caught it, and then bounced it back! It was the best thing to see. It really felt like Cale was normal and having fun. I am so proud of him. Just through the day he's already progressed. He's also been shaking lots of hands today!

Here's a video of round 2!

At one point during the day I was leaving the room and asked Cale to wave good bye to me. It took him a minute, but he did it. A full wave. Amazing.

What do I say to all of this? Thank you Lord for being with the man I love.

I walk Basil every morning, at lunch, and then again in the evening. I have a special path behind the hotel that I walk and pray. I feel like every time I've prayed in the last few months, I've prayed for Cale's healing, God's will to happen, me to trust Him...everything has been about what's happened since the accident. This afternoon when I walked Basil, I prayed and said nothing about all that's going on, I just prayed that I would become more intimate with Him, taken to a new place that's just me and the Lord. I sang to Him and praised Him, I asked Him to walk with me. It was beautiful. Another reason I'm so proud of Cale, he served his country along with so many other soldiers so that I have the freedom to walk and talk to the God I love and serve. Thank you to everyone who is in, or has been in the military!


  1. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. And I thought last night was good. Hallelueja. This is getting so good. He is just doing amazing things.The last few days this song has been going through my heart every time I think of you "How great is our God. How Great is our God. Come and sing with me...How great is our God.
    I love you darling girl...

  2. Kathleena!! I know it has been awhile since I have commented on your posts, but just wanted to let you know that we are reading every single one of them (sometimes more than once a day!) and continuing to pray for you both and be AMAZED at what God is doing in and through the both of you!! This video left me in tears, and all I could think was "Cale is my hero"!!! He is SUCH a fighter!!! And, you too, sweet girl, are our heroine. You have been such an inspiration to us and to so many people and your faithfulness, tenacity, and determination are nothing short of incredible!! Thank you for being such an awesome example of a follower of Christ and a loving wife!! We love you both SO much!!!

    Rick and Marilyn McLaughlin

  3. Kathy Beckett5/27/10, 7:38 PM

    OH...MY...GOODNESS!! I couldn't believe my eyes. This is so wonderful to see. I can't wait to check in each night and see what new thing God is doing for Cale. Love ya!

  4. At work, in tears & sharing with everyone her. I am so proud you both, Cale is amazing! God is continuing to show us all what He is capable of doing. Cale is proof that God still performs miracles.

  5. Hi Kathleen! I'm one of the people you don't know but I have to tell you how happy I am for both of you. His progress is remarkable and beautiful. It's like watching a flower open up to the sun. Thank you so much for sharing your journey - truly amazing.

    Lisa B.

  6. Woot! Go Cale! So happy for you both! Cale did some nice throws with the ball and catches too!!! Give him a hug for me!

  7. Hannah Hayner5/27/10, 8:32 PM

    wow!!!!!!!! that's so amazing!!!! wowowow!!!!! God is soooo good! great job Caleb!!!! and Kathleen, i love what you said about walking with God and everything, wow. :) so beautiful. loveya!

  8. Thanks so much, Kathleen, for posting that video! It really is just amazing to see how far Cale has come in even a few weeks!! I'm constantly amazed! He's interacting SOOO MUCH MORE! You guys are on my mind, heart, and prayers....oh, and my browser's Homepage too!! :D LOL!

    Sarah Bosse

  9. WOW! I could say so much right now! But I won't! All I will say is Praise GOD!! And Thank you JESUS for what you are doing in my dear friends lives!! Man I love you Lord! Keep it UP!!

  10. SO COOL!! So very happy for you! The best is yet to come dear saint of a girl!love you.

  11. WOW brought tears to my eyes! He is ana mazing miracle and you my dear are an amazing wife so full of love! Praise the Lord!

  12. God is amazing !! ... woohoo!! ... I do not comment on all posts but I've never stopped praying ... and I know that God has more surprises in store for you :) ... Remain Blessed Virtuous woman ♥


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