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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yucky Yellow

Today was finally productive! I feel like I got a lot done, and even though I still have quite a bit more to do, the list is now shorter :) It's always such a good feeling to get things crossed off.

One of the patients a couple rooms down from Cale, packed up today and is heading to rehab. As horrible as it is, I felt the envy bug bite me. I really am happy for them, I know they are so excited and it's a big day. I've been praying that he would be able to make it to rehab soon, I just really want it to be Cale, ya know? I know one day we could still get that moment, but of course things don't run on my time...

Sad news today, Cale threw up again so they ended up doing some x-rays. Later the nurse said that he has an infection in his lungs. This means they have to put him on antibiotics which also means that the yucky yellow gowns are back. I think I'd rather just stomp on all the gowns and throw them out. Ugg. When he's on precautions it's because his immune system is so weak they don't want him to get any other infections or pneumonia. I can't take him outside or cuddle with him until he's back off precautions. It's so sad. I know it's good because they want to prevent further harm to him, I'm just the selfish wife.

Sarah Bosse commented on my "Prayer" post. I encourage everyone to read the comment. It really pumped me up as I was getting ready for the day this morning. A reminder that yes, Cale's body is in bad shape, but it's not about flesh and blood, it's a spiritual battle. Well, I still have lots of fight left in me!

Ephesians 6:10


  1. ok Leena Bean I've updated myself. It's alright to be selfish once in awhile it's not anything that no one else hasn't done before. :) Cale's progress is like sitting on "the Farris wheel" sometimes it goes smoothly & sometimes it just stops. Praying for you.
    Love Big Sis Carla

  2. Kathleen here is something to maybe encourage you a little bit. " Lord Help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you and I together can't handle." I love you guys and know that he will pull through this infection. This is something really minor compared to what he has already accomplished.
    Chei Neuhart


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