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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Angry Monkey?

I have been trying all day to think of a description of Cale. He's like a wild animal, I just can't think of which one fits best. He has been all over the place today. Several times, he has turned himself completely sideways in bed...

This picture doesn't even show him turned all the way! He's also grabbed, pulled, yanked on, pushed, and whatever else he could do to anything around him. When therapy tried to do stuff with him today, he just kind of ignored what they were asking and did his own thing. I've been wrestling with him all day, trying to keep him from pulling his feeding tube. At one point it was me and the nurse trying to get him situated and we were about to call for back up! :) The shirt he is wearing is from Mike Ehrsam and it says "Tough Cookie" well, it fits! I almost can compare it to being at the rodeo and watching the guys ride those bucking broncos.

I keep forgetting to ask for prayer with the infection Cale has. He first had the lung infection which is all better now, but then he came positive for a different infection that from the sounds of it, it's pretty expected when he's on so many antibiotics. The treatment was supposed to be for 10 days and then if the test came back negative they would take him off precautions. Well, the 10 days ended Tuesday but he's still having some of the side effects from the infection. Will you pray with me that it would just leave his poor body and he would be infection free? I would love to take him outside again!

I want to say again how thankful I am for everyone that is reading this blog and praying for Cale. It really means so much to me and encourages my heart everyday. I never thought the blog would be such a big thing or used so much. It's been a blessing! Every time I hear that someone is praying for Cale it's not just a small thing to me, it's huge! I am truly blessed and I feel like "thank you" is so small compared to what I feel. I know Cale would say the same.


  1. thank you Kathleen for updating us everyday. this stranger to you prays daily and Like I ahve said before, I feel the need to "check in on you" nightly.
    You are an amazing woman with a wonderful and you are a blessing to me.

    Libby, West Richland WA

  2. Kathleen I came into contact with you thru your brother on facebook, I do know that God is doing some pretty powerfull stuff in yours and Cales life right now, it has been a blessing to me to witness his healing and loving power.stay strong and keep your faith that thru Jesus Christ anything is possiable, we are praying for you and Cale

  3. kathleen, we are praying for you and cale, and we will continue to do so! i know God has plans for the both of you. thank you for updating us all on cale's progress. God Bless you and your family.
    Jenny May Saenz
    Pasco, Wa

  4. You and cale are always in the thoughts and hearts here with us at the cozy cottage...your mom showed me the video clip of Cale heading on down the corridor in his new chariot! God is good to us...each tiny step to us delights him to give it to us.
    Your love has awakened your Prince Kathleen...believe that!
    Always best regards from home...Karla and Dennis

  5. Love the shirt from mike! So fitting! My prayes continu to be with you!

    Casey (mike's aunt)


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