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Friday, June 18, 2010

He's My Sunshine :)

Woohoo! Today has been such a good day! Cale has done so much! When I first got here, Cale was still sleeping…side note, right now he’s working on getting the restraints off. He has wrist and mitten restraints, the mitt is off and it’s only been 2 minutes :)

So, speech came in and first did mouth care with Cale. She first tried to give him the tooth brush, but he would just set it to the side. When she was almost done she gave it to him again and this time he put it in his mouth! He brushed the bottom and then turned the toothbrush around and did the top! It was very light and just slight movement, but he understands what he’s supposed to do with it!

Then she did ice trials again. We were trying to get him to use the spoon, but that wasn’t going to happen today. He did let her spoon the ice into his mouth and this time he moved it around and swallowed! Over and over! This afternoon he wouldn’t do it again but I think it was because he had to be woken up from his nap.

For PT and OT Cale worked on a puzzle. They tried this the other day and he didn’t know what to do and wasn’t very interested. This time, he almost put all the pieces in the right place! He was very focused the whole time too! It was great because he wasn't just working on the puzzle, but also having to stay balanced on the side of the bed...good job Cale!

After this morning I had decided that today I should stay with Cale all day. He started off so great, I didn’t want to miss anything. Well, I’m so thankful that I decided to stay because we got to go outside! Yep, his results were negative! Praise God! It was so nice to be back where he can feel the sun on his face :) much better then the hospital room!

Cale really is sunshine in my day. It’s so amazing that he picked me as his wife and I get to be by his side everyday. I love him!

Please continue to pray for Adam and Amy!


  1. Cale is always the first person I pray for daily! So good to see that God is listening to all of our prayers! Good job Cale!

  2. All those pictures were so awesome Kathleen! Way to go on getting your camera out. ;) I am so happy to hear that he is brushing his teeth and stuff. God is SO good! Love you both lots and Basil too of course.

  3. Oh Kathleen I am so happy for your wonderful day with Cale...the love story continues. How amazing to watch it unfold bit by deeply you will get to know one another day by day. You inspire me to want be a better person. Thank you for your faithfulness...we pray for Amy and Adam also.
    Love Karla and Dennis KBC


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