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Saturday, July 31, 2010

i love him.

"So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate." Matthew 19:6

In case I haven't said it before...I am completely head over heels for my husband! I love him so much! He has been giving me so many hugs and kisses, and it NEVER gets old! Every time is so exciting! He's with me, loving me! He's at a point where even more than before, he's not wanting me to leave...ever! As I walk away, he follows me with his eyes and if I tell him that I'm going to leave, he nods "no". He's so sweet! He always wants to be holding my hand too. Before the accident, we had a special thing that we would do if we were around people, he does it now! Oh goodness it makes my heart jump! He remembers! I love, love, LOVE him! A car accident can't keep us a part! Okay, enough with the mushy... ;)

The day started off a little rough. He's getting so frustrated if he starts to struggle with something. When he finished OT, we had some time before lunch, so I asked if he wanted to go outside with me. He was in a bad mood and didn't want to do anything, but I made him come outside with me and get fresh air! At first he was still grumpy, but as time went on he cheered up :) I think part of it, is that his body is really tired. He has been working really hard and I'm sure that he's sore. Also, at Wake he was doing therapy Mon-Fri and sleeping almost all of either Saturday or Sunday. Now, he has therapy 7 days a week! No being lazy here!

When it was time for PT, Pat walked him down the hall and half way to the gym, we had to get the wheelchair. So far that hasn't happened, so I know he must be really tired. After getting stretched really good, it was time to walk back to his room. Cale ended up walking the whole way back, so he's still pushing himself!

Right at the end of PT a special visitor came...TJ (Cale's best friend and the great guy that set up this blog!)! Yeah! It was so great! When I brought him to the gym, Cale was sitting on the side of the mat all by himself. What a shock for TJ! He was with Cale for a month and half after the accident, and hasn't seen him again until now. TJ got to see Cale walk back to his room with Pat. One day Cale will be walking without any help at all!

Later, Kristen and her family came. Kristen hasn't seen Cale since a few days after the accident when he was in ICU. Cale came outside with us to visit and TJ had come up with the idea to play checkers with Cale. They didn't exactly play by the rules, since Cale either just moved pieces wherever he wanted, or moved them where TJ said. ;) It was so great to have him a part of all the fun!

Meet my new CA family :)

My favorite head nods of the day:
Do you love Jesus? -yes
Are we going to have babies? -yes
Are we going to live in a hospital forever? -no
Is my sunburn going to turn into a tan? -yes
Do I talk too much? -no (this one is usually a yes!)
Is your favorite time of the day when we cuddle? -yes


  1. Yay for hugs and kisses and yay for visitors and yay for his knowing you so much that he doesn't want you to go. Just keep in mind you need rest too. You don't do him any good if you are exhausted. We love you. SO so excited for all the good news. His mercy endures forever.
    We look forward every day to more news. Love you princess.
    Jean and Charlie

  2. Kathleen
    We miss you in NC but I am so happy to read your blog & know how well things are going for Caleb. My thoughts and prayers are with you both you are an incredible woman Caleb is blssed to have you as his wife.


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