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Sunday, August 29, 2010


This morning I went to church with the Andrions (the family that has Basil) and it was so nice! I know there are some people that just don't want to have anything to do with church. There are some that believe they can still have a walk with the Lord with out ever going, and there are some that go just to go. For me, I believe there is something very powerful and refreshing when a group of people, who all love Jesus get together and worship Him. I love it. I can count with my fingers all the times I've gone to church since the accident, and it's not very many. With all the hospital stuff and finding time to get away for a service, it gets tricky. Now that there is Chapel that Cale can go to, I've been wanting to do that. It's not my normal choice of a service, but I know that the Word is read, and God promises it will not go out void, so I know it's a good thing for Cale to be a part of! My thought and plan in motion is to go out to a church every other week, and go to the chapel with Cale every other week. Of course, eventually, I want him to go with me to church! :)

This morning we studied in Genesis 25-27. The sermon was about Isaac, but I was reminded this morning of something that even though I've told myself so many times, and I've heard it so many times, my heart was open to actually receiving it this morning. I was able to hold on to the truth in the statement, which springs so much more hope! Pastor Jim (it would be very embarrassing if that's not his name...) was talking about Rebekah (Isaac's wife) and how she wanted to have children so bad. My ears perked up when that topic started...then he said, "God will always answer your prayers. It may not be what I want, but it will always be better." Again, I've told myself this a bazillion times since February, but hearing the words today, challenged my heart so much. Do I truly believe that? Do I truly believe that God's answer to my desperate prayers are going to be better than what I'm asking? I think that Friday, when all I sang over and over was "Have Your Way" (the song on my video), gave me the open heart to hear and be challenged today. Hmm...I hope this all makes sense!

After church I went straight to the hospital to be with Cale. I love when I walk in, and I see his big smile and arms open to hug me!! I was giving him a hug at one point with my head was on his chest, and he kissed the top of my head! Awe! I love, love, love it! I was also reminded today when I was talking to Alana, that it's such a change from when he was pushing me away not too long ago. Now he won't let me go! Praise God that season is over, and I pray it doesn't come back! I'm completely spoiled now with all his lovin' he gives me! :)... :)!!!

After all of Cale's therapy's he wanted to go outside for a little while. I had seen some skateboarders outside so I knew Cale would want to go watch. I was right ;) I found him a good shady spot (eyes still hurt from the sun) and pointed out for him to watch one of the guys. At first he didn't seem to know what was happening, but when the guy jumped (or whatever they call it!) on the rail, both of Cale's arms flew up and he was pointing and cute! He knew! He remembered and it made him happy :) Every time the guy would mess up, Cale would shrug his shoulders and when the guy landed perfectly, Cale clapped for him! He hasn't done much skating since he's been in the Army, but he used to be quite the skater! I told him I will try my hardest to find a skate park around here so when I have the pass to take him out, we'll plan a date!

After the guys left we went to the Fisher House just to grab some food for my tummy, and Cale wanted to stay. I transferred him to the bed and we fell asleep for 45 minutes! He usually will get in bed with me and 15 minutes later, he wants to leave, but this time, I had to get him back to the hospital for his meds. He would have stayed a lot longer. SO great...

Here's us back at the hospital :)


  1. That sounds like a great day. I'm so glad he can get out and see new things. It's got to get boring in the facility! I prayed for you guys this morning. Keep up the good work, Sgt Darling. Tell that man to get well soon. :)

  2. Jennifer (Homegroup in NY)8/30/10, 7:28 PM

    The statement about "How God will always answer your prayers..." is a very challenging and hard to grasp thing (for me right now too) But as always, you are so inspiring in your faith and strength. Love the pic of you and Cale and the video "Have your Way" sends me into tears everytime I've watched it. You 2 are amazing and so is the work God has done through you.

  3. I can't wait to see Sgt Darling skateboarding again! Trusting, believing, relying...!


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