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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Cale!!

Yay for the Birthday Boy! :)

It was such a fun day! Lots happened and Cale did great! I was praying that it would be a super great special day for him...and it was! :) He had OT at 8am, which is early for him and I thought it was going to end up being miserable, but Monica (OT) said when she walked in his room, he was awake and ready to go. I even woke up about 20 minutes before my alarm went off because I was so excited for him!

We started the morning with the birthday board! We've been counting down since 33 days before his birthday! We made two goals, that nursing staff, therapists, and even me, were unsure if we were going to reach them, but I went for it! Today, I was able to talk to Cale about them and we checked off both! Yay! Thank you Jesus!

The day was filled with a few fun things, first, Ty (Cale's brother) called from Afghanistan again to say Happy Birthday. Cale was sleeping, but as soon as I said Ty was on the phone, he smiled real big, then as soon as he heard Ty's voice his face lit up so big! Also, his lunch tray was decorated with birthday cheer :) He wasn't in the mood for the food, but at least it looked fun! haha!

Pat (PT) asked Cale in PT, "Do I need to be nice to you because it's your birthday?", "do I need to go easy on you?" Cale said, "no" so, Pat worked him! Cale did so great too! Pat tried a few new things trying to work on his weight shifting. I am so proud of Cale! He really did work so hard and he could have had a break! That's my man! :)

This afternoon after all therapy's were done and Cale had some time to rest, Kathy, Cale and I loaded in the Honda and drove to Milpitas. We went to the Andrion's (family who is also taking care of Basil for us!), where Cale had his first visit to a real house! They were so sweet and decorated with balloons and a banner thing in front of the house that said "Happy Birthday". Cale saw that and was smiling right away! We opened gifts and cards (so many cards!), and had a yummy ice cream cake! So much fun!

Cale's hockey stick was in the Toyota when the accident happened. I wasn't sure for a while if it had even survived. My brother later told me that it was on my side, and had survived! He shipped it for Cale's birthday. This afternoon in PT, we were talking about it and I had said it hadn't come yet, so it wouldn't be there for the party. Well...Cale opened I think two gifts, and then we heard the doorbell. Kristen said "who is that?" It was the delivery man! Cale's hockey stick came at the PERFECT time! What a surprise!

TJ also got to come up for the weekend which was another exciting thing! The whole day was just so great. Cale, got to be in a house for the first time, sit on a comfy couch, pet/play with Basil-out of his wheelchair, have a wonderful birthday, and have his mom here too! I feel so incredibly blessed!

Thank you everyone for helping me make it such a special day for Cale. I think he's going to be opening cards for a couple days! he had so much fun opening gifts and reading the cards. It was such a blessing that so many of you cared enough to be a part of his special day.

I love him so much. He really is so strong and I love so much that he is joyful. I was talking to Kathy today as we ate lunch about how in ICU, they said his first words might be swear words. I remember thinking, "I've never heard him swear!" I was told lots that it's a common thing, and I believe it. Cale's first word was "stay" and when he used voice it was him singing "Happy Birthday". So far (and i know it could still happen...), nothing negative has come from him. I'm going to hold on to this blessing and stand in awe of the mighty work that God is doing in my husband!

When we prayed tonight, Cale said he was thankful for "Jesus".


  1. We are just sitting here in a puddle of tears. Both of us. We are so grateful that Cale had such a great day for his birthday. You both deserve all the best. Every day we see new improvements. God really is so very good... We love you both and look forward every day to the things he is doing.
    Charlie and Jean

  2. Happy Birthday Cale!! Happy Day to you both!!! Michelle SMith

  3. Glad your birthday was a fun day, Love Michele & John & Alexis, you both need to meet Casey.

  4. Barbara McKeon9/19/10, 7:51 PM

    (in-laws) Grandpa Tom & Grandma McKeon say Hi to Cale and wish him the happiest birthday ever. It sounds like it really was! God blesses us with you both.

  5. Heather Favret9/19/10, 9:51 PM

    I am always so excited to see each bit of progress.... Cale has come so far, and you are doing so good with everything!!! I think how overwhelmed I would be at times, and I am an ICU nurse! It is so cool to see him shine through... sometimes head injuries can change personality, but I see the smiling Cale that was stationed at Drum!

  6. Im glad he had a good birthday.i knew his birthday was soon,but it snuck up on made cards so i will send soon.:)

  7. Oh what a beautiful day!!! God has showed you so many blessings!!

    Casey (Mike and Rachel E's aunt)

  8. Beautiful !!!! So very happy for you and Caleb to see this day, enjoy it and revel in it !!!! Love the Boveirs' HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALEB !!


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