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Sunday, September 5, 2010

There are no words...yet SO many!

With the last few days being so full and busy, Rachel and I had decided that today we were just going to stay at the hospital, relax, and enjoy Cale. The day started off with PT at 9am. The first part of the session, we went to the parking lot and I'm now clear for transferring Cale to the Honda! This in itself opens up so many new things! I was a little nervous because when I transfer him to the recreation van, the seats are so much higher, and the Honda seats are so low, but it was fine. The excitement continued in PT with Cale standing by himself for 8 minutes! A new record! Woohoo! Not only was he standing by himself, he was moving around so much! There was some music with a fun beat in the back ground so when I was standing in front of him, I was dancing silly, well, Cale danced back!! It was the greatest! I wish there was video of it to show the whole picture...Cale standing alone (no help), and dancing! It was a slight sway, but very much moving! Also, Mitch (PT) had me move around Cale, putting my hands out, and having Cale reach out and try to touch them. He did great! I'm so proud of how hard he worked today.

After PT, we headed to the chapel here at the hospital. During one of the songs, Cale actually held the bulletin and was trying to follow along with his finger. Usually he looks at me through the whole service and shrugs his shoulders...haha. On the first Sunday of every month they do communion. Cale still can't eat food (unless pudding-like) so, when the cracker and juice was offered to him, I reminded him that he wasn't able to have that yet and then the chaplain asked if I would dip the cracker in the juice, and put a tiny bit on his lip to taste. How amazing to experience the Lord's Supper with Cale! It was such a special moment, and I really believe that he knew what was going on. Thank you Lord!

Isaiah 40:31 was read for the message "But those who wait on the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint." which is another verse that I've clung to since the first few ICU days. God used it this morning to bring a few things together for me. Through all of this I feel like it's all about waiting. I've been waiting for answers, progress, test results, voice, reaction, healing, and so many more things. In all of the waiting I have to make a choice to surrender it all to Christ (like I've said, all my dreams, desires, wants...) and choose to be joyful through all of the waiting. I'm not just waiting in a long line to purchase my items, I'm waiting on God to continue to reveal Himself through this journey! I'm not sure I can make all the thoughts come out clear, but it was powerful and what my heart needed :)

A lot of the afternoon was spent playing board games! I always have a blast playing with Cale, and having company to play with makes it even more enjoyable! :) Cale won both games...which happens most of the time! It's with out any help as far as "letting" him win and only a few cues (I just realized the other day that I have been spelling this word wrong!) to remind him how to start his turn. SO fun!

We also had ice cream for the first time today with out Patricia (ST)! Cale does so well with it. I had bought him a yummy kind with out chunks that we'll be eating lots :)

Another milestone!

It just keeps getting better! After the ice cream was gone and we were done with the games, we headed back to his room. Rachel was asking Cale who people were in all the pictures around his room. Cale was starting to say his words very clear so after a little bit, I asked Cale to start singing "Happy Birthday" with me. As I was singing...suddenly...Cale was too! WITH VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! No joke! He is still saying words with his breath/whisper, but he sure is singing! :)!!! Amazing. This is a start to what I know is going to be a beautiful season.

Here is a video that I took, but tomorrow we'll have a better one! He was getting so tired because we had him singing so much! haha! If you listen closely you can hear him though!


  1. AWESOME KATHLEEN!!! I read your blog every single day, and it blesses me incredibly...By the way, you don't even have to listen that closely to hear him, it's pretty clear!! :) :)

    Love from Vietnam,

  2. I could hear him pretty well too ... what more can I say ... "God is amazing" ... remain blessed warrior !! ♥ ... Like Kerrie sings in her new song "No matter what" ... "... God is our hope and strength ... we know that he can find a way to keep us from the pain ... "

  3. Kathleen,
    This is so amazing!! I watched the video twice last night and could only give God the glory! The progress keeps marching along and wonderful things happen so often that I don't even want to miss a day. God is so good and His glory continues to work in Cale's life! Maybe the new goal for the upcoming Birthday should be a date, complete with ice cream eating, singing and dancing, just the two of you! How amazing... I almost have no words. Blessings, strength, and restoration to both of you...
    Terri Watson

  4. YEAH!!!!! What a great day!!!!!
    Mandy Anderson

  5. WOW,Thank youJesus !!!!! He is doing so great. Iwill keep praying .

  6. awesome:):):)

  7. Kathy Beckett9/6/10, 5:39 PM

    Oh Kathleen, What a wonderful video... and how exciting that you have discovered he will use his voice to sing!!! I'm so amazed as I read the blog every morning at how MANY new things Cale is doing in the short time you have been in CA. I'm glad you are having a fabulous time with Rachel. Please tell her I said 'Hello'. I miss you and love you!

  8. Here is my "birthday card" for Cale. Replace "Ma'am" with "Sir" please! This was just too cute not to pass along! Singing Corgis!!

    And my message:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CALE! I'm so proud of your hard work, dedication, and how you've clung to God. And I'm grateful that what matters most is that He is Clinging to Us and will not let us go! Praise God for the great things He has done. Our God is surely and awesome God! Thanks for giving us a window into your life through your blog and for sharing the Gospel with those around you, near and far. You encourage me daily as I deal with my own disability. Keep singing, praying, and talking Cale - you are doing GREAT! So glad God's given you another year of life so that we may all benefit and you can share the works of the Lord.

    Love in Christ,
    Sarah M. Bosse


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