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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blue Skies

I went in to say good bye to Cale this morning and it wasn't so easy to leave! Last time I left for a couple days, I had gone in to say bye, but I wasn't going to wake him. First, he already has a hard time sleeping so if he is getting good sleep, no matter how much I want to wake him-I won't. Also, I knew he wasn't going to let me go so easily. I walked past his bed to grab the white board and leave a note for him, as I was walking by, he started to move a little. I froze. When he settled, I moved to the other side of the bed and started writing. Cale, opened his eyes and looked right at me. Oops. I've been caught! As soon as I told him I was there to say good bye, he quickly turned on his panic face. Poor guy. It doesn't matter how many times I've told him that I was going to be gone a couple days, he doesn't remember. Finally, I got him to be ok with letting go of my arm and letting me kiss him bye. I told him I would call often and would see him Tuesday morning!

My flight went well, but I was definitely ready to land. As soon as I landed and stepped off the plane, I took a really deep breath and smiled, "I'm home." The air was chilly on my face, but I was loving it. I walked into the airport and was greeted with lots of hugs! Yay! It was wonderful!! I also have already gotten to visit with very special people and spent the day at a wedding. It's been great.

Since Mama's flight was cancelled on Sunday, it's been a running joke that I prayed and that it would happen and it did. So for today at lunch, the ladies were asking me to pray for no rain for the wedding. We were being silly because of course it wasn't really me that cancelled Mama's flight, but I prayed that God would bless Jerry and Debbie with blue skies even though it was cloudy and rainy, and He did. The ceremony was really pretty!

Thank you Jesus for blue skies!

I was thinking as the vows were being said about how many times people will say their vows and not hold to them. You never know in your marriage when something is going to happen and the vows will be challenged. In that moment when the words are said, everything is so happy and perfect, but what if they were more specific? Like what if it was included that your child may die, or one of you ends up with TBI, or you lose your job and have to sell your house, or one of you gets diagnosed with cancer or something else really bad? Would they be said so freely? Of course, that would kind of ruin the perfect moment...! It was so beautiful to watch this couple have such a special day. I'm very happy for you both and love you!

Even though I just saw her a few days ago, it's great to be with Mama again :)


  1. Jamie Matheny10/23/10, 7:53 PM

    I am so glad to hear Cale is doing so well!! You are an amazing wife! He is the luckiest man alive! The way your unshaken faith keeps you strong! I hope you know how truly wonderful you are!

  2. Kathleen you are right in asking why we don't include those things in our wedding vows - worse still is now people can have contractual marragies where they contract a marraige for 5 to 7 years and can choose to continue at the end of that period,or the newest fad Divorce insurance - really? Yes it would be a "downer to hear...Do you take her for better IE a raise in pay the blessing of a child, a home debt free, a 2nd honeymoon in Paris...etc. and then for worse a poor choice in an investment, an affair, a loss of a loved one, a move away that makes you feel isolated, a terrible accident that takes a limb, a memorie or worse......But love is a choice we choose EACH day, at the alter, is the first in a series of choices..... Somedays it is easier than others :) You have been an example of loving in the best and worst of circumstances - Blessings to you ! So glad that you are enjoying your time with family and friends....Love ya Reenie Bovier

  3. Kathleen, I rejoice with you, that you have such a blessed time. I Trust with you, that Cale will continue in Father's gift of healing. Father has seen the end of all this already. He is proud of you,as each day you get closer to that end. Marion Hansen

  4. So glad you got to go to the wedding (they needed you there for prayer, obviously LOL). Glad you had a great time with your Momma. I loved when you wrote about how much you laughed together when she was in CA. Laughter is the best medicine for a weary soul. You are so sweet. Love, Julie H.


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