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Friday, October 29, 2010

Caleb-a special treasure

Happy Friday!

Cale is a cool dude! :) We've used the tandem bike before, which Cale has loved, but today he was on his own bike! He did so great and loved every minute! Before he started going, the man that was getting him all set up was explaining how everything works. He told Cale that when he does the break he needs to do both hands at the same thought was that this is going to be interesting! Cale still has problems controlling his right hand. The other part was the steering, because it takes so much coordination. Well, Cale did so good with both steps that we thought were going to be so hard for him!

Here is a short video of my talented husband! :)

"Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." Proverbs 16:24

Tonight I feel blessed beyond measure. My sweet husband is one of the many reasons! I've been asked a lot lately if Cale is talking normal and with full sentences. The answer is no. He's getting there and everyday he's saying new words! Sometimes one sentence comes out all slurred together so it sounds like one word. When I get him to slow it down and say one word at a time, usually, I can figure out what he was trying to say. He still mostly responds to a question or comment and doesn't initiate much. He's really working hard though!

There are a few things that he says very clear...everyday he tells me how much he loves me (over and over!). He's constantly telling me I'm beautiful and pretty (and hot!). He tells me good job all the time (and good job cheat!). All through out the day he tells me thank you, and when I leave and come back, he always tells me how much he missed me.

What an amazing husband I have! The Lord has truly blessed me with a perfect man to grow old with me. My heart feels so full of love for Caleb Michael Darling!

I can laugh with him, cry with him, be silly with him, cuddle with him, talk with him, dream with him, feel passion with him, plan with him, love with him, pray with him, sing with him (even if I'm singing off tune!), dance with him, be excited about the future with him, be happy with him, me myself with him, and be the best wife I can be for him.

I love him.


  1. you have anything to say about Kathleen???
    "What an amazing wife I have! The Lord has truly blessed me with a perfect women to grow old with me. My heart feels so full of love for Kathleen Darling!"
    I'm sure that this is exactly what Cale would say....and will say someday! The Lord has put together a "perfect" couple!
    Continual prayers & blessings for you both....
    Judy Jay

  2. Kathleen So glad to see the video of the bike ride things are really moving for you guys I am so happy that Caleb isn't in a place where he can not be ministered to by YOU - What an awesome effect YOUR love has on him! Keep just being the you that you are ! Love you ! Reenie Bovier

  3. Hey, Kathleen!?!?!! Who's that cute couple??? :) I almost cried when I saw how well Cale did with the biking. Father is so good. Yes, He is!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, Marion Hansen

  4. your niece says your so silly cause of your pink love ya deb

  5. You can also dress him up in silly costumes, I see! LOL Gotta love the pink hair. Maybe you should have let him do your makeup for the day, Kathleen. I'm sure it would have looked better than what I did (you you girls did for me, even:)

    The bike ride was awesome!!! God is good.
    Julie H.


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