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Monday, October 18, 2010

Funny Things :)

Yesterday after PT, I told Cale "I am so proud of you! You did so great!" and Cale said "Go Cale!" heehee!

In PT today, Mitch was having Cale walk a little with out the walker. Cale has been so afraid of falling, so at one point, he started to lose his balance. I said "See we didn't let you fall! We caught you." and Cale said "barely!" Haha! He was just slightly leaning...

I found some boots today while out with Mama. I wanted to try them on for Cale today so he could tell me if he liked them. I was wearing my cut-off sweats, but when I put my boots on, Cale said "You look hot!" Haha! Um...not so much!

Mama, Cale, and I were watching a movie this evening. Cale was silent through the whole movie until it showed the guy and girl kiss. Cale pointed at the TV and said "Ooh! Ooh!" We laughed SO hard!! I asked him, "Was that you saying it was gross or good?" and he said "Good!" :)

After the movie I told Cale I needed to take him back to the hospital. C: "Why?" K: "Because that's where you're staying right now." C: "Why?" K: "You're still getting better" C: "I'm all better now!"

By the time I got him back to his room, Cale was really tired and could hardly move. I had to get him all ready for bed still when we got to his room. I walked with him to the bathroom and when he sat down, he looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and said "What do I do now?" I said "You're on the toilet so you can go to the bathroom", his reply... "Oh!" Poor guy was just wanting his bed!!

It was a good day. Mama and I went out for some girl time this afternoon. I found a really cute pair of boots and got them on sale! Oh Yeah! Mama searched for a magnet and couldn't even find one!

When we got back to the hospital, it was time for PT. Mitch was having Cale work on a lot of balancing and doing some of the walking. Cale was being sneaky and finding every short cut that he could. Part of the problem was that his arms are so long, that he can reach rather than take more steps! It was giving us a good laugh :)

I received a call today that might be changing all of our plans around. This of course is not a surprise! I only know that they all might be changing not anything for sure.Of course, it's not like we really knew what the plan was going to be anyways...The family meeting is tomorrow so we'll see whats said and see what the new plans might be. I'm not worried or upset. I know that God is taking care of us and I just need to trust and let Him lead as I've been praying! Of course I always make sure that He knows that I would like Him to share all the plans with me asap! ;)

I'm driving Mama to the airport in the morning. We'll see if she's actually leaving!


  1. Kathleen,
    My old youth group leader told me about this idea:
    You can turn your blog into a book! Just a thought! This is the site she saw it on:

    Now your book will obviously be more than 20 pages but if this site has the idea, there are bound to be other sites that do too. Just a cool thought when Cale has finally healed. :) Just a way to show your future children what the two of you endured.

    The same woman who told me about this is the same woman that led Cale's brother and sister when they were in youth group at our church so long ago (when they were in high school!)

    In my Astronomy class there's a guy who says he's "lucky to be alive" after a horrific car accident. Tonight he delved a little deeper into how bad his injuries truly were. He had to relearn everything, eating, talking, walking...the same as Cale. Now he's walking just fine-just a small limp, his talking is wonderful! And he seems fine! I forgot to ask him how long it took him to do all of these miraculous things but he did mention that he was doing therapies for an extended period.

    Another example of how people can beat the odds with God's help!!

  2. Kathleen!! I like your Mom!! I, too, have a HUGE magnet collection!! I will trust with you, that you KNOW soon where you are suposed to go. I love you, Marion Hansen

  3. I really think that G-d uses these times to teach us to trust Him.... I always ask to know the plan, but never seem to until it is in action... That is how I wound up in California! :) Once again, I am in that place where I don't know how the pieces are gonna all fit together, but I know He has a plan... I do wish I was in on it though :) I will be praying for you!
    ~ Heather

  4. I laughed so hard reading this.cale makes me laugh.thanks i needed it. glad you guys are you both.andersons


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