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Thursday, October 21, 2010

No matter what you ask me Jesus...

I Want To Be Like You Jesus -Rita Springer

I want to be like you Jesus
To walk in all your holy ways
No matter what you ask me Jesus
I’m willing to obey

Set my face as flint before you now
My life I recommit here as I bow
I love it when you gently kiss my brow
And whisper it’s all right

I need to see more of Jesus
Just to feel your presence moves my soul
I will follow where you lead me
And simply ask for more

I will serve you
I will bow
I will put all my hope in you

Cale had his first bite of pizza. We are big fans of the yumminess and it was a very common addition to date nights at the Darling house :) It was exciting to get to enjoy it with him! He loved it, and I loved it, so it will be happening again! About 15 minutes after lunch Cale had PT. I asked Cale if he could tell Pat what he had for lunch and Cale couldn't remember. A lot of times Cale can't get his brain to give him the right word even if he knows what to say, so we have to give him choices. Even with hearing pizza, he couldn't remember. It's our new life of living in the moment...we have to enjoy it to the fullest because in a few minutes it will be gone.

I know his tummy enjoyed it for a while after!

I've been taking a look at my thoughts and my heart today. For those of you that know me well, you know that I'm an open book (and of course, everyone that reads this blog!). If I'm sad, it's easy to see. If I'm excited, everyone around will know it. If I'm bothered or have a heavy heart, it's right there on my sleeve. I also have a tendency to share what I'm thinking with out first processing whether it's a good idea or not. Most of the time, it's with things that are more embarrassing for me then anyone listening! Well, I'm the same way with God. I always share with Him exactly what I'm thinking-even if it's me not being fond of what He's got going on at the time! I had to ask myself today, do I honestly desire to walk in His holy ways, no matter what He asks of me? Do I really commit to live set a part for Him, even when I'm being slammed every day, reminded of what was and what could have been? Do I fully trust God with my whole life? I do. I really do. His love is tender yet powerful and I choose to walk with Him all the days of my life.

I've started confessing some of the struggles I've been having out loud-it's not easy, but necessary. The Lord is faithful to meet me where I am, over and over, He picks me up, dusts me off, and pulls me into His embrace.

I know I've said it before, but I can't say it enough how thankful I am for everyone that's praying for us and reading this blog. It means the world to me! There are times that I still wonder how many people are praying for Cale, how many people have forgotten or get to busy? I know it's crazy that I still think that, but it's there-ugly, ridiculous, and silly. The Lord uses all of you when those thoughts start to enter my mind. I get a message, comment, email, or someone shares a story with me about someone that's been following Cale's recovery and it blesses my heart so much! I feel like if I were to send out a thank you card to everyone that has blessed us through this, I would be writing for years! If I haven't been able to tell you in person or through a card, please know, Cale and I are so incredibly thankful.

From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16


  1. Still praying every single day Kathleen. And still reading ur blog every morning! Amazed by what the Lord is doing in Cale. :)
    Lori Kittelson/ New Life

  2. Kathleen,

    I pray daily for you, Cale and the staff as I read your blog.


  3. Still praying every day all the time darling. We love you. Charlie and Jean
    P.S. So glad he got to try the yummy pizza. You can't live without pizza.

  4. Kathleen,

    We've prayed for you almost every day for the last 6 months or more. Your blog is not only a reminder to pray, but an encouragement to us to live faithfully, too. May God bless you continually as you share your struggles and determination to follow Him!!!


  5. Yup, we continue to pray daily too. :) Grace especially mentions you and Cale whenever prayer requests are asked for in classes, when we do our family prayers at night and she gets very excited by all the progress we read about Cale making. You are surrounded in prayer. The Lord is a shield about you, He is the lifter of your head. Love,
    Bonnie, Ryan, Grace and Isaac Bennett

  6. Still praying, reading, and thinking about you both. I have tried to write you a few times but it all gets erased and I get too tired to try again, lol. Still praying for miracles. Love you and am so proud of how you are standing firm in Him. He's got a hold of you both for sure! Chin up!! Love ya!!

  7. Dear Kathleen,
    I am still praying for both Cale and you everynight before I go to sleep. I ask for a full recovery for Cale and for your strenght.
    I always thank God for the progress Cale has made so far, and I ask that this continue.
    You may be Physically/Mentally alone with your struggles but spititually you are not! We pray because we all love you! I have not met Cale but I have grown to love him through YOU!
    I was lucky enough to meet you and work with you.
    I felt you were a very special woman at that time and I still feel that way!
    Lorri C.

  8. We are praying for you both, This is so wonderful to see, when looking at the clips,I remember my times with rehabilitation 10 years ago, eating & drinking again, its wonderful!I remember the speech classes as well.You'll look back & treasure this time.Michele

  9. I know it is a struggle to look at the place you are in and not be tempted to look back at what was or even forward to an alternate reality to what could have been. Amazingly God has promised to use all of this for your good and Calebs good and ultimatly HIS glory. Kathleen I see the Glory of God each time I read your blog the trust, belief in his goodness in the midst of great pain, the surrender of your will to his perfect plan even if it doesn't look perfect- Oh you look like Jesus - Oh how you shine beautifull girl and you are so humble and honest I just love you !!! Still praying for you daily and Caleb's healing - complete and whole - I look to the future and it's so bright I just got to wear shades ....Love you Reenie Bovier

  10. Kathleen,Reading your Blog, praying for you and seeing what God is doing in your life is truly a special part of my day. Your Faith and Trust in the Lord lifts me high no matter how low I am. Praying for you and Cale is such a blessing, Thank you....for blessing my life with your Faith. Our Bible study class has prayed for you and Cale every Sunday since the accident. Take Courage Little Sister, we are still out here, lifting you up in prayer.
    Love you, Mona Gray

  11. Dear Kathleen, I too read your blog every day and am so blessed by the strength, courage and faithfulness displayed in your and Cale's lives. Our 5th & 6th grade Sunday School class at KBC prays for you every Sunday.
    Sandra Commins

  12. Kathleen...Please know that I am still praying....every day.
    I don't post like this usually. I do pull this up everyday....usually at lunch tim at work. I pray for both of you sometimes in the middle of reading if I feel the need. You are strong and so is Cale. I Thank God for your strength and ask Him to continue helping you to "Hang In There". I pray for a full reconvery for Cale and for daily helps according to what I have read.

    Keep that smile on every day and ":Hang In There" : )


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