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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Pirate and the Princess

In my mind, Halloween = candy-and I am now in a sugar coma. I for some reason, every year, feel like I some how have the right to completely indulge in as much candy as I possibly can! I never no when to here I lay in bed and may not be able to move for a couple days ;) The hospital had a Halloween party that we had fun at. Cale dressed up as a pirate and me a princess :) I think it's really funny that he ended up being a pirate because that was my nickname for him at WakeMed for awhile because he would try to take every one's jewelry!
The Rec therapist gave Cale a joke to tell everyone, so, everyone he told! He was so excited and happy about it, he wanted to share it! We even made calls to our moms so he could give them a laugh!

"Why are pirates so mean?" "Why?" "because they just Arrrr!" :) He did the Arrr! very good!!

We played a few games, one of them being "guess the number of candy corn" I had to take a picture of how creative the staff were...don't worry it's clean ;)

The party was the afternoon fun, but before that we had went on a trip to Park Victoria Baptist Church. It's Kristen's church and a sweet church family that has been praying for Cale from the beginning. I have gone once before, but today was a super special treat...Cale got to go with me! It was so great! He didn't just get to come, but he walked in with me! On Friday (not sure if I had written about this), Cale was upgraded to a walker with 4 wheels. This has been something that PT has been working with him for a while, but it was quite a challenge for Cale to be able to balance and control the walker. He was able to do it perfect on Friday, which makes it a lot easier to go places. He still gets tired really easy so for the most part off the unit we still use the wheelchair. On Wednesday he had a dentist appointment and I asked PT if instead of his chair, if I could take the walker since we weren't going to be going far. He said sure and it was a go for walking to church too! I felt like I was going to explode when we walked into the church! Just to think about how there was a time when I never thought it would happen, hoped-but wasn't sure, and today it happened. They sang Amazing Grace for one of the worship songs, and Cale sang right a long. It was honestly the best sound that my ears could have heard, the sound of my husband worshiping God.

The sermon was about Jacob and his dream from the Lord after he ran from his brother Esau. The Lord said to him in Genesis 28:15 "What’s more, I am with you, and I will protect you wherever you go. I will someday bring you safely back to this land. I will be with you constantly until I have finished giving you everything I have promised you.” God was going to be with Jacob and protect him. He promised Jacob that he would never be alone. The pastor at one point said that the same God that was with Jacob then, was in the room with us this morning. As he was saying that, I started to claim the promises for Jacob in my life now. It's going to be long, hard, painful, exhausting, emotional, and challenging, but we are not alone and the Lord is with us. He has made those promises to us when we surrendered our lives to Him so we can claim them and be strengthened and encouraged! Yeh!

After church we went to a yummy Mexican restaurant with Kristen and her family. TJ and Kristen were in the car in front of us, and Cale was asking who was in all the cars around us. I told him I didn't know about the other cars, but said that TJ was in front. Cale said "Yay!" and then I asked, "Is TJ your best friend?" C: "No, but close", K: "No? Who is your best friend?" C: "Taylor." Haha! Cale is the only one in the world that calls TJ, Taylor! He's so funny! He used to always tease me, saying that I said it wrong! At the restaurant, Cale told the waitress what he wanted to drink when she was going through the list, and after giving him some choices off the menu, I went over with him how to order, so when it got to his turn, he ordered! I was really impressed that he remembered what to say even after waiting for everyone else to order. It was a nice change from the hospital food and we enjoyed every bite!

On the way home, I found out that Cale is fascinated with Amelia (our GPS). I'm not sure that he's really noticed her before, but today he listened to everything she would say and repeat it and then make sure that I followed what she was saying. "Turn right" he would say after her and point so that I knew which way to turn :) Even with the gps, I get lost...a lot. She's always yelling "recalculating" at me, so I guess it's a good thing I had Cale to help me out! Cale also just started letting me know when the light is red or green. He has fun with that and would get excited when our red light turned green. "Green Go!" he would yell out! It was so much fun being in the car with him, going to church, and having some what of a normal moment with each other. Driving down the highway we sang along to Jeremy Camp and waited for Amelia to give us the next command.

This afternoon, Cale was saying that he loved me lots and lots. I asked him why he loves me and he said, "You're cute, hot, sweet, pretty, and fun." We've been working on word finding (something Cale really struggles with), so it was great for him to come up with the answer by himself, but I'm just wondering what it means that he didn't include "smart" in the list...hahaha! ;)


  1. Melanie Dawkins10/31/10, 9:37 PM

    I'm so grateful for your amazing news. I'm thankful that you're seeing the Lord at work in your life. Y'all are so precious to Him and I'm glad that HE is letting you know. I'll keep praying! God bless!

  2. Your posts are always so uplifting.

    Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Your love and faith amaze me.


  3. Smiling as I'm reading your post. So great to hear that you had a "normal" day. I know the joys I have been experiencing just being able to make a yummy treat for my kids or play with them...unreal. I can't imagine how a million times more awesome it is for you and Cale!!! Love you guys and still praying, won't give up!!

  4. Rejoicing!!!!! I am so blessed to hear all your news....God is Good! Praying for you both

  5. having worked at a hospital, the urinal full of candy corn gave me quite the fright! ; P
    It's so awesome to read so many posts and see what Great things God has done!!! Praying still so much...We love you both!!!

  6. Glad to see Darling is doing better.

  7. It is so so wonderful to see the Lord working so many miracles in both of your lives Kathleen. Last February we were just praying for so many many miracles. Now Caleb moves closer and closer to returning to an everyday normality. It is so awesome to see. God is so so good.
    We love you.
    Jean and Charlie

  8. I could sing of His love forever!!! I agree with the Bensons.

    Greg & Julie H.

  9. Soooooo, How many candy corns fit in a urinal????

    I am super excited that you had a somewhat normal day, and sounds like you had fun with Cale outside the hospital! Yeah!


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