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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm full of adventures...always!

Wherever I go, I always seem to have some kind of crazy adventure follow me. I'd like to pretend that it started since the accident and have something to blame my craziness on, but it started long ago...!

This morning I set out to the DMV (that's 25 minutes away) to get a disabled placard. I've been putting it off partly because I was told the DMV here, is a huge hassle (aren't they all?), and also because the idea of getting one for my 24 year old husband didn't sit well in my tummy. After going out with Joe, Rachel, and Beth, and then again on Christmas Eve, I realized it would really help. When Cale has his walker, which we're trying to use more, it's hard for him to walk long distances. Around here, parking can be crazy, so I decided to just do it. Well, I showed up 20 minutes before the DMV opened and there was a huge long line around the building. "I can do this" I thought to myself...after waiting in line for a while, I finally reached the counter, handed my paper work to the man on the other side (feeling like I'm finally accomplishing something) and he hands it back and says "This document is not signed." What?! How in the world did I forget that? I was supposed to have Cale sign and I couldn't even do it for him because I left my POA in my room-crazy head!

Ok, well, that wasn't the way I thought I was going to leave, but it's ok I can do it tomorrow. I got back in my car to drive back, except before I could get on the highway, I had to get gas. On my way to the DMV, my gas light came on...oops! I knew I would make it there and still be able to get to a gas station with no problem. Ha! I left the DMV going the wrong way, finally got on the right street and there was no gas station around! I'm not even sure at that point what town I was in. The buildings were run down and there was graffiti all over. All I could think was that I was going to run out of gas on my way to the gas station and be someones dinner that night...

After getting a little lost, Amelia helped me find my way home-after leaving a gas station of course ;) Tomorrow, I have to tackle the same mission, but this time I'll have a full tank of gas! :)

Cale has been working on Top Secret projects in therapy the last two days. In RT yesterday they went on a top secret outing and in OT today they worked on something. I was told that tomorrows OT session is going to be top secret again. I tried getting it out of Cale, but he won't budge. I even told him I'd give him a kiss, but he knows he'll get one anyways ;) I asked him to at least tell me what they did yesterday, his reply "I forget." Haha! Well, I guess I just have to wait until Sunday!

For lunch we went on a date to the cafeteria for pizza. Cale has gotten even more picky with food, and hasn't been wanting to eat anything! I'm not sure what to do with him. Last night one of the wives made us homemade spaghetti and he wouldn't touch that either! He keeps saying pizza and steak! I decided pizza would be ok today. It was fun to go on a date even if it's in the hospital. We were away from his unit, and had some fun! Usually there's not enough time to eat there and get back in time for PT, but we had an extra 30 minutes today.

Right after getting a full belly on pizza and Root Beer, Cale had to work hard in PT. He did really good, but was extra tired today. Pat had him do some walking with out the cane. He's getting more stable, but still struggles quite a bit. I know it's happening though! He's getting there!!

The family of one of the patients has been visiting the last week. It's been nice having a wife around again and they have two boys which has been fun! Cale has been playing Xbox and air hockey with the older boy and then today had a blast with the youngest. He's 20 months and adorable! The baby would grab at Cale and then Cale would tickle him. It was so cute to watch them play together! I asked Cale "Can we have one of those?" C: "Yeah!" K: "Can we take him?" C: "No! He's not ours!" K: "Come on! Let's take him and run!" C: "No! We can't!" K: "Do we need to go buy one then?" C: "No, we have to make one!" Haha! :)

I love being with Cale so much. Tonight we watched a Red Wings game (that was another whole adventure I created...) in his room while we ate dinner in his bed. It was so relaxing and so great getting to hang out together. I asked Cale if he was happy and he said "always with you" K: "I wish that was true!" C: "It is! You're my favorite person ever!" He's been getting upset, like more than just tired/frustrated...I thought he was going to cry today. He hates being in a hospital and just wants to be home with everything better. I try to tell him we don't even have a home to go home to, but of course he doesn't understand. It's totally understandable that he's getting upset. I feel so bad for him. I do wish that I could make everything better for him though. I can't, BUT, I love that I can be with him and love him through his good days and bad days. I love so much that we can still have such an amazing time when we're together :)


  1. Love - 1st Corinthians 13 you are a walking scripture Kathleen Love Love Love it!!!!! Also love that life hasn't left you adventurless- Keep being the "silly" upbeat loveable girl you are and those adventures will never end!!!!!! You have the attitude that makes me smile :) Blessings to you ! Love Reenie

  2. Kathy Beckett12/30/10, 8:06 AM

    I seem to recall a certain "parking adventure" at Ft. Bragg....but we had a soldier in shining armor to rescue us...and that can just be our little secret!! I'm glad you had Amelia and you found a gas station in time...that would have been more nightmare than adventure! Cale is looking so healthy and strong in the recent pictures. It is so encouraging to see his progress and I'm sorry he is so sad to still be in the hospital. It sounds like he is feeling the way Katie described Ben before they transferred. Guess that is the normal progression of healing, huh? Love ya.

  3. Gosh, Girl, you don't know how good you made me feel with this blog!! I thought I was the only one who "Had adventures"!!! I am just sorry I transferred so much of it to you!! :) Cale WILL be okay with the memories and all. Father said He's given us a sound mind. Father said we can do all things through Christ who has strengthend us. Father said all things work together for good to them who love Him and are called according to His purpose. My Friend, if Father said it, IT IS DONE!!! Remember, He delights in you. I love you, Marion


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