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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Story Time :)

This morning started out rough for Cale. I'm not sure what was going on, I think just an off day. He has hardly any of those compared to how many he used to have and I have off days too.

He had a CT Scan today in preparation for his surgery. This one was a special (don't remember what was so different) scan. They had to do another IV on Cale which is so sad! I could tell today that he was trying so hard to be tough even though it hurt! After they were all done and wrapped the area that had the IV, Cale said "Ouch! Ouch!" When I showed him that he could take the stuff off, he seemed to forget pretty quickly about what happened ;)

The morning wasn't so great, but his speech session was awesome! Patty started off with some talking. She wanted to try something new with Cale and even before she started, she explained that it might be really hard, but she still wanted to try it with him. He ended up doing so great with it, and then continued to do great with the rest of the session. She even talked with Cale about how easy things are starting to become for him.

Here's what Patty tried with Cale. It was really fun! She wanted to do a progressive story where each of us told a sentence. Since it's almost Christmas, she wanted to use that as a theme and then see where we went with it! :)

P: Cale woke up early.
C: I got dressed.
K: Then he ran out to the living room.
P: He saw a big surprise.
C: I stopped.
K: Santa had come!
P: He brought lots of gifts for Cale!
C: I opened the presents.
K: One of the gifts was tickets to a Red Wings game!
P: Another gift was a new Xbox.
C: I like all games.
K: And then there was a knock at the door!
P: Cale was excited to see this person.
C: I opened the door and it was Taylor!
K: and he had in his arms...
P: A puppy!
C: I asked the puppy's name.
K: And the puppy's name was Banana :)
P: Taylor, Cale, and Banana decided to go to the hockey game.
C: The hockey players (Red Wings!) will shoot and score. Cheer! Yaaay!
K: After the game they went home and ate pie.
P: Kathleen had made Strawberry Cream pie.
C: I had only one piece. Good. Tasty.
K: After pie, we hooked up the Xbox.
P: Kathleen did not complain the whole time. (about the guys playing!)
C: We played hockey games on the Xbox.

The End :)

After the story was done, Patty read through it and then asked Cale some questions. Cale described the story as "The perfect day" Heehee! :)

Cale is starting to get so much better at walking with the cane! He still says it's hard and still gets tired really fast, but he's doing great! For the most part, we're trying to get Cale to walk around the unit with his cane instead of the walker. He's still holding my hand for a little more help, but I'm not sure if that's the only reason...I think we just like to hold hands! :)!


  1. when was that pic taken? its a really good one.

  2. I am guessing the CT scan was with contrast dye, so they could see more. Poor guy, I am glad I didn't have to stick him... would have felt so bad. It is the most difficult when someone has been very sick and been through so much... He is a good soldier though :) I got the prayer card, and actually, I got two! So, I keep one on my fridge, and carry the other to show to people when I talk about you guys (it's always good). I just love your story so far, and think you will have to compile this blog into a book.... it is so awesome to see!

  3. Dear Kathleen & Cale,


    All my LOVE,
    Lorri C.

  4. Hi Kathleen and Cale, I read your blog (not much at commenting,) lol, I want to wish you and Cale a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope 2011 will be much better for you. I can't wait from one day to the next to read how you both are doing. I keep you both in prayer. Take care, Jean

  5. He is doing amazing! Love the story game I play with my kids with pictures it's alot of fun and so cool how they use it for therapy as well! Love and hugs((())) to you both ! Reenie


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