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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lovin’ some soldier!

Before the accident, bed time was our special time (not just the um…stuff…), because Cale and I would cuddle in bed and talk. The whole day was full of other things, but that time it was just the two of us. We would laugh, be playful, share our dreams, and have so many discussions about spiritual, serious, or random topics. It was always the best time and I’ve missed it more than words can describe.

Little by little, those missed moments are returning. Just the thought causes a smile to quickly spread across my face. They may look different, but they have the same scent of sweetness. I asked Cale for a goodnight kiss after we had been lying in bed for a long time. Cale quickly responded, “Yeah, but not yet.” This response made me laugh so hard! He used to always tell me this when I was ready for bed, but he wanted to stay up talking and being silly. Aww…I love it.

We had another adventure at Ft. Lewis today. It was a test of my driving skills, and I’m pretty sure I failed. I rammed Cale’s wheelchair into so many things! He gives me lots of grace and forgiveness and doesn’t hold anything against me…haha! It rained a lot. I also didn’t do such a great job with the hat on hat off thing. We were in meetings all day and I either had too much coffee in me or not enough-I'm not sure which! I feel like we accomplished what needed to be taken care of, so all in all it was a good day. :) Cale had fun having pizza for lunch and getting to chill with a sweet dog for a couple minutes. At one point I looked over at him while I was meeting with a lady and he was eating jello…that was random.

Miracles are happening everyday! I love so much getting to witness each one and to be a part of what’s taking place in Cale. I know some times he thinks I’ve lost it and I’m a crazy person because these things that are happening are HUGE! I let out a yeehaw and a little happy dance to each thing I see, and I make sure to let him know just how great he’s doing. It’s exciting when all these single miracles start to add up! It’s a math problem I actually like! ;)

Here are a few miracles, conversations, and just cool things from last night and today:

I always randomly sing and make up my own songs. Some are catchy and we end up having fun with them, but some are terrible-most are terrible. Yesterday at lunch I was singing and said, “Man, I’m pretty bad at making songs up.” C: “Yeah” K: “What if I said I wanted to go into business doing it?” C: “I would ask to see some of your work!” He looked at me so serious when he said it!

Last night was Bingo here at the hospital. I have to admit, it was nothing like playing at Palo Alto. We did have a good time though. :) One of the men came up to Cale and said, “I have two things to tell you. First, you have a beautiful woman sitting next to you and second, she’s going to stay by your side for life.” Cale looked right at me, squeezed my hand, and said, “I know.” It was so sweet! He also did really great at playing. He was tired, so he had a hard time keeping his eyes open, but when they did stay open, he was able to pick out quite a few numbers by himself.

Since we were going to Ft. Lewis again today, I had to shave Cale’s face last night. Last week Mike was here, so he got to be the bad guy, but this time I had to be the one. Cale didn’t do too badly, so everything went smooth. When he was all done, I told him that he could go to bed and I would clean up the mess and come join him. For the FIRST time, Cale turned and asked if I needed help. For him to be able to recognize someone else's need is such a big deal! In fact, that was one of the questions that Donna had asked this week if he was doing yet. I had said no because he wasn’t, but then wow! I hugged him so tight!

This morning, I had finished my smoothie and needed to get in the shower. Cale was still working on his, so I asked if he could finish his smoothie and then go to the bedroom and get dressed. I had already set out what I needed him to wear. Usually, by the time he would have finished his smoothie, he would have forgotten whatever I had asked him to do. When I was finished with my shower, I called out to him to see what he was doing. Cale yelled back, “getting dressed!” What?! Are you serious? Yes! I could not believe that he had remembered! This again was talked about with Donna, and I had said he was not able to do this yet…anyone reading this?! I hope you’re super excited as you’re reading this…because I am!!! Ahh!!!

I was about to finish this up, but one more thing just happened!!!!

Cale was just sitting next to me as I’m typing this. He said he was bored and I told him that I was almost done with this, then we’d get ready for bed, and then he would be able to play Xbox while I run down to the computer room. I kept typing and a minute later, Cale reaches for his walker, stands up, and says, “What does getting ready for bed start with?” I told him he needed to brush his teeth. Cale turns around and starts walking and says, “Ok!” Off to the bathroom he went and just brushed his teeth!!!! Oh my goodness!!

My mouth is hanging open…

Is this for real?! So many HUGE, AMAZING, CRAZY things! WOW! Thank you Jesus!

I love my soldier and I’m so crazy about him. I loved spending today with him dressed in his uniform. He didn’t enjoy all the talking much, but he did so well and is so sweet. I’m a blessed woman! :)

*I just wanted to say sorry if you've sent me and email and I haven't replied internet time here is very limited. I usually have time to load the blog (which sometimes the computer is so slow it takes forever), and maybe answer an email or two. I haven't been able to keep up with much lately. I will email you back though!


  1. Amazing! Ok, I cried, but with joy! So many big steps! They say after a year progress slows if not stops altogether, but Cale is progressing still! Sometimes I forget what I was needing to do by the time I finish a meal, hahaha... so great that he initiated to help you, and that he wasn't ready for a good night kiss. I have been praying specifically for some of the little things to be restored in your marriage, some of the special things... I will keep praying!
    ~ Heather

  2. Father is GOOD!! I am so happy for the joy radiating from you through this blog. It is so exciting to see what Father has done in Cale. HE is NOT DONE YET!!! I love you and am very, very proud of you, and Cale, too. Hugs, Marion

  3. Kathleen !!!! So excited to see God move on Caleb in this way - small steps still get us to our destination BUT Big leaps get us there a lot faster ! Caleb is leaping in some amazing ways! So happy for you both - I have been praying that God would show himself strong on Caleb's behalf ! So I should be leaping right out of my seat right now (but I want to finish this :) )
    Also praying God will restore everything and He is - Your pillow talk is a great testemony to your life together and I KNOW God has a plan to see that all is restored to you ~ (even the pillow talk ) LOVE you guys !!!! Blessings- all over you dripping down from your head to your toes ! Amen ! Reenie

  4. Oh my goodness I am so excited for the move God is putting in your life Kathleen and how wonderful Cale is doing even in the last couple of days. I am more and more convinced that he will come back just as he was before...One day at a time sweet Jesus....As soon as you get moved I have some more goodies for you...
    Love you so much,
    Charlie and Jean


    Julie H


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