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Monday, March 28, 2011

Pitt County Memorial Hospital

Last night we had dinner with a very special family. During the first part of our journey, this was a family that came along side us, not knowing us, and blessed us a ton! I’ve kept in contact with Mandy, so it was so great to see them, and actually get to spend some time with them! We had dinner, a game of hide and seek (Cale played too!), cards, baseball, we played outside in the cold and then had hot chocolate after. :)

Today all the goodness of this trip continued! We first stopped at Pitt Memorial Hospital. Wow. So…uh…lots of memories came rushing back, and when I saw the waiting room, my stomach dropped. Yikes! It was so good to visit there and to be reminded at how far Cale has come. It’s so easy to get myself so set and focused on wanting more, more, more, and forgetting about how much we already have. Cale has come so far! It hurts just to think of what he’s come from-how close he was to death, and now I’m rejoicing that he’s with me!

They had a conference room waiting for us, and different nurses, trauma team, and the social worker all stopped by. I was able to sit and talk with the doctor and share about the last year. It’s amazing for me to see how far Cale has come, but for them-the team that helped keep him alive, they don’t get to see down the road too often. It meant a lot for me to see Cale hug them and talk with them. Of course, it wasn’t as emotional for Cale, because he didn’t understand it all, but I know that he didn’t mind too much having everyone be amazed with him! ;)

After meeting in the conference room and touring the ICU again, we went to the step down unit. I could only really remember one nurse from those few weeks after ICU, and guess what?! She was working! I was so excited to see her! When Cale was very first out of ICU, I was so desperate to do anything I could to help take care of him. I wanted to do it all! Well, Caroline helped teach me, so that I could care for my husband. I’m so thankful for her and how she was willing to be patient with me, and that she trusted me to do everything. Thank you Caroline!

When we left, only one word came to mind-awesome.

We had lunch at Chick-Fil-A and then went back to the hotel for some good rest. Cale slept for about an hour and I started a project…do I have time for a project right now? Hmm…probably not, but the thought came to mind last night while I was trying to fall asleep, so I’m gonna get it done!

After a few hours, Casey came to pick us up and we had dinner with another family that has been such a blessing! I remember when Mike and Casey came to the ICU room and prayed with me and Cale. Another miracle happening and being witnessed when Cale is walking around, talking, playing, eating, and so many more things right in front of them. Casey and I were talking about one day that we had seen each other last year, I had been so excited that Cale had moved his fingers....

Dinner with Mike and Casey and their 3 kids was so much fun! It included a tea party, cards, Wii, and many rides on Cale’s walker! Casey’s youngest wanted Cale to push her around and then when she was done being pushed, she wanted to push Cale! Haha! Getting to spend time with these families was such a big deal! God has blessed us with some real amazing friends…all over! :)

We were in the newspaper again, but I received a call from Mama today asking if I had read it yet. I didn’t even know we were in it at that point, and I was told I’m not a loud to read it! Haha! It’s ok with me though. I have always loved surprises, so if there’s something that I can’t know, I can wait!

The Darling’s have been laughing-a lot! Have you ever laughed so much that your sides hurt? Yes, well, I love it! I love that it gets to be with my husband! I love that he also is laughing so hard!


  1. You and Came are such a blessing to us. Thanks again for coming to play!!!!!

  2. Glad you and Cale are having a great time on your visit with friends and family. Take care and God bless you both.

  3. I am so glad that you guys are enjoying your vacation before you head back to WA. I actually went to high school with Caroline. Caroline's husband and I graduated from D.H. Conley in 2002. Caroline is such a sweet person and she loves the Lord. I am so glad that you got to see her again. I totally forgot that she was a nurse at PCMH.

    Cale has come a long ways since the accident and he is only improving every day. I am so glad that you got a chance to come back down to Greenville before you leave. I know visiting PCMH must have brought back a lot of memories from when Cale was there. They have the best trauma team around.

    I pray for you guys daily. Take care and God Bless You Guys.

    In Christ,
    Jennifer Williams
    Greenville, NC

  4. I am so glad for you. You are a treasure. It will be exciting to see where Cale is next year at this time. I love you and continue to trust Father for you. Marion


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