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Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 1

The conference so far has been great! A lot of it is geared towards mild traumatic brain injury, so it doesn't apply to Cale completely, but of course there's a lot I can still take from it. I'm also taking notes expecting and hoping for the future of getting to that point...!

When we first arrived yesterday morning, I was already tired, but so excited! After I registered, I looked around the room and golly, it was emotional! I wasn't expecting it to be. I'm sure with reading my blog, you might think it's no surprise at all, since things seem to be emotional for me...but, I was still not expecting it! Haha!

I think it was one of those moments that I hurt for everyone in the room because they're dealing with TBI, but I didn't want to be one of those people. Ever feel that way?

It happened again after the conference actually started. They asked all the spouses to raise their hands...I wish that I wasn't one of the people sitting there saying that my husband has TBI. I wish it wasn't so. In that same moment, I was reminded that I'm not alone. Whether it's a mild TBI the couple is dealing with or severe like Cale, it's still TBI!

They've talked a lot about making sure I'm (the caregiver) taking care of myself. There's been a few ideas that are practical and I think will be able to work for us in this stage Cale is going through. With him going through all these stages and changes this last year, the way I do things and my schedule changes with it. That's kind of how life goes though! :)

I liked this quote and I think it's going to help remind me...

"A rested caregiver (wife) is a good caregiver (wife). An exhausted caregiver (wife) isn't good for anyone."

I'm pretty sure I've been told this a time or two since the accident, but now I'm at a point that I need to hear it. I'm at a point that I need to make changes and adjust the way we're going through our days. It's a working progress!

I went to one of the breakout groups that was for if you have TBI. The caregiver group didn't apply to me, so I went and thought I could get some ideas for Cale. Well, again, a lot of it was focused on mild TBI, but some of the people that were in the room were there and being a part of the group only because of time. Time meant healing. It was so encouraging to watch them and listen to their thoughts and struggles. A lot of them said they were angry. As the group went on, I wanted to hug Cale so badly! Just to throw my arms around him, hold him tight, and let him know that he's going to be ok. It may not be the ok that we would have preferred...but it's going to be ok.

I wouldn't say this has been restful, but it has been so good for me. I'm soaking in every little thing I can that is in the slightest making me feel spoiled. Yesterday morning, I had fruit and toast for breakfast. It was so yummy and tasty! Strawberries, Mango, orange slices, and banana! Mmm! Then, at the hotel where the conference is at, there's an area around the pool that instantly makes me feel like I'm in another world! I have to walk past and through it to get to the main room. Once I walk out of that area, there's a pitcher full of citrus water. The sight of the fresh lemon, lime, and orange slices makes me feel refreshed and then when I drink it, I feel like I'm at a spa!

I made the same water a few weeks ago when we had a BBQ. I'm not sure I had the same spa experience when I made it, but I'm enjoying this time!

Thank you for all of your prayers for this weekend! I've talked to Cale a couple times. He called at 6:30am yesterday morning and the first thing he said to me was, "Where are you?" When I told him Seattle and if he remembered, he very firmly said, "No!" He's being sweet though and let me know he misses me. :)

In one of the breakouts they showed a really neat video that I wanted to share with you!

It won't let me put it on here, so I'll show it later...

Here I go for day two! :)


  1. Oh, my precious friend, I love you and am so glad we have a Savior who can carry you through this time. I am honored to be a part of your journey. I continue to trust Father for you and your sweet husband. Marion

  2. Kathleen,
    I am so happy you are getting to go to this conference and meet others who are dealing with the same things. It is always good to meet people who are going through what you are. Yes I totally agree, a well rested spouse is effective. You will have more go give to Cale if you take care of yourself. Find a moral support team. Go on girlfriend dates once a month. Make some friends there at the conference who you can call when you are frustrated (like sponsors or mentors).

  3. Kathleen Glad you are enjoying the little things, and that you are gleaning some info for your future..... You are PREPARING for rain ( Facing the Giants Quote).... That is the only way to get anything to grow- water it. Hope you and Caleb both have time through this to be restored and rejuvinated! Love to you !!!Praying for you !!!!!! ((())) Reenie


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