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Monday, April 18, 2011

pokes, pee, chinese food, and naps!

Cale had a Lab appointment this morning and had to get poked. :( He did so well with it and for that part of the appointment; he kept such a good attitude. The guy that did some of the poking was talking with me and sharing how his wife was in a car accident as well. He said that she wasn’t as severe as Cale, but that he knew what it was like to take care of his spouse. It was really encouraging talking with him. I love getting to meet people and hear their stories. There are so many miracles in this world…amazing!

The adventure of the pee cup…

It was an unsuccessful attempt, but at the same time, I’m guessing it was pretty entertaining to everyone sitting in the waiting room. Cale could not get himself to go, I was no help, and even with making him drink a cup of water, there was nothing. In the moment, I was trying to figure out how in the world I was going to get this man to pee in the cup (when he had made the decision it wasn’t going to happen!), and after, all I could do was laugh! I know we were quite the scene! The second round will be for another day! ;)

On our way home from Cale’s Lab appointment, we were talking about his mom and sister. I asked what his sister’s name was and he said, “Kathleen.” I made sure he knew that wasn’t the right name and immediately he said his sisters name after that. Then I asked him who Kathleen was. He said, “my girlfriend” No Sir! Haha! “Caleb Darling! Who is Kathleen?” He said again that I was his girlfriend. I had him look at his ring and told him that we have been married for 6 years! He replied with, “Oh wow! That’s new news to me!” Oh man! Haha! I had to get that set straight!

For a really long time, any time we heard sirens of any kind, Cale and I would pray for everyone involved in that situation. Since the accident, It’s been a bigger thing for me, because I know what it’s like to be a person involved, and what a blessing to think of some stranger that heard sirens that night and prayed for us! Well, in Seattle, I started praying out loud with Cale when we would hear them; it was just like before the accident. This afternoon, Cale was praying for our lunch and while he was praying, we heard sirens. Cale began to pray for the people involved and if anyone was hurt! It blessed my heart so much! I’m so thankful for those kind of moments.

I did some laundry and house stuff today. I know it might seem really funny, but I love having the washer and dryer so close! For so long, laundry was so hard to get done. I always had to wait for the machines to be free, and if they were, I had to make sure I was there to move my clothes right away. It just wasn’t convenient. Not that laundry now is the most convenient thing ever, but compared to how I had to do it, and compared to how people all over the world have to do it, we are so blessed at how easy it is now!

I’ve been getting to do some more cooking…which I love! Yesterday for lunch I made Mexican Bean Soup and I was supposed to make Lime Basted Pork Chops tonight, but I forgot a step, so we’ll get back to that… :)

Tonight Joe and Beth came over and on their way, they stopped and got some yummy Chinese takeout! Mmm! Cale ate SO much chicken! We had everything on the table and everyone was about at the limit of what we could finish; except for Cale. He took the serving spoon, and right out of the serving dish, he took a huge bite of chicken…and then kept going! We laughed for a little while about it and Cale just kept eating! We also had lots of laughter after dinner. Friends are fun. :) Cale said, “I like Joe. He’s fun. I like that girl too.”

REALLY exciting news!!! I’m not sure how long ago it was, I asked everyone to pray about Rehab Without Walls for Cale, well…he will get it! Once he’s discharged from the Army, it’s not covered, but when we get to that point, we’ll see what happens. For now, and even while in Seattle, he’ll get it!!! This is huge! Thank you for your prayers! It’s such a blessing because, the other idea was for Cale to do outpatient therapy while in Seattle, but with his comments any time we bring that up, that wasn’t going to happen! He’s just at a point that he needs ideas outside of the box, and that’s ok!

The time when Cale lays down in the afternoons, are becoming a much needed part of my day. It doesn’t always happen, but I’m beginning to crave that time! It’s so quiet in the house, and because he sleeps so lightly, I have to be extremely quiet. This forces me to just sit. I’m able to dig into God’s word and spend time praying. I can answer emails or look at recipes. It’s just a sweet and relaxing time. I’m thanking God for designing Cale’s body right now for needing that extra rest time!

Tonight when I was saying good night to him, I told him that I loved him like always. Cale squeezed me tight and said, “I love you too. More than I can say.” He is a pro at melting my heart…turns it into a good fondue!

Us when we were 17 :)


  1. Crazy man, I dig that hair!! :) Kathleen, Father is good. I love hearing how you use the gift of time during Cale's nap. Sitting quiet is a good thing. Not many know how to do it, for very long at a time, anyway. YAY! about Rehab W/O Walls. I am excited to hear how he does. You know, I too, am grateful for having my washer and dryer close by. My hubby did some rewiring, replumbing and such. The washer is now in the second bathroom, and the dryer is in another room. At first I was a bit disgruntled, tosay the least. Then, I remembered it was my choice how I reacted. Then I remembered I was blessed to even have a washer and dryer. My attitude changed. :) I love you and continue to trust Father for you and Cale. Marion

  2. Got to say I love Caleb's innocence when he answered you ...."That's news to me." Arn't we like that with God sometimes - We don't remember his position in our lives ..... can't say we are as innocent as Caleb thoe! lol

    So gald you get time to sit and just enjoy some quiet time and that God has answered your prayers for the needed Rehab without walls !

    All these little things add up to the goodness of God in our lives !!!God is Good always!! Blessings to you ! Hugs ((()))


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