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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ugly Bug

This ugly bug that bit me last week is still here! Yuck. I thought I was starting to feel better and like it was going away, but it’s holding on for dear life!

Because of this, I have no motivation to do anything…including posting on the blog.

Last night right before I was getting on to write, I had to make the choice of writing and getting all my thoughts out or being a wife and giving Cale my full focus. We went to Joe’s house last night and had a wonderful time with the whole family. I kept Cale out too late though, so by the time we were home and getting ready for bed, he was already past due for bed. He was a bit grumpy and needed his wife, so I was there with him-gladly. We were able to get him all calmed down and both of us went to bed after 12am! Yikes! We’re quite the party animals! ;)

I’ve been coughing like crazy, blowing my nose constantly, and this morning woke up and might have pink eye… :( I thought for a little while today that it had cleared up, until I looked in the mirror and saw that my eye was still red! Hopefully it’s nothing and will be clear tomorrow!

Cale is very annoyed with all my coughing. Currently he’s covering his ears as I type.

My nephew will be over every day for the next week and a half to help me out around here. I just need a few days to dig in and finish getting things organized and I know it’ll help so much. There are also a few things that I could use help with, so he’s going to be a HUGE help!

Hopefully soon I'll be back up to speed!


  1. Until you can get to the Dr. to check out your eye a hot tea bag always helps me fight off infection with my eyes. So sorry you were not feeling good ~ I wondered what had happen to you when I didn't see a post last night- You were being a wife ! Good Job! Prayed for you this morning and Adam and Amy too Don't know how they are doing but continue to lift them up to the Father as well!!!! ((())) Hugs coming your way ! Have a great Day and .......Tell that Ugly Bug to go to the Ugly Bug Ball!!!!!


  3. okay that didn't work - :( go to my wall and see wht I posted for you - Hope it gives you a smile !

  4. My sister used to swear by drinking a 4 bag strong cup of peppermint tea just before going to bed, to clear up colds. An old remedy...fresh squeezed lemon juice and honey (1 tablesoon lemon juice to 1 tablespoon honey with 6 0zs warm water for the drink...or 1/2 cup juice with 1/3-1/2 cup honey, well mixed, taking 1 tablespoon as needed), for three or four days. My daughter used the lemon juice cure just last week. It has helped ALOT!! I love you. Marion

  5. Hey girl, haven't commented in a bit so just wanted you to know you are so special. God is working in and through you both in so many amazing ways! I love that you are starting a book. I knew there would be one just didn't know when you would get it started. I pray that God will direct every word you type (I know He has been doing that very thing for over a year now:) and that His wonderful grace will be showered all over every one who reads it! Don't feel pressure to get it done in a certain amount of time because God's timing is perfect and He will direct!

  6. Sorry I forgot to sign, the above post was from your NY Momma:) Love you, Leena:0


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