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Friday, June 10, 2011

Too Funny!

Yesterday during the conference call with all of the therapist, I found a seat right outside of our room, and thankfully Cale was sleeping. I put his phone right next to the bed, hoping that he would call when he woke up. Towards the end of the call, I saw Cale was beeping in. I ran to the room and let him see me, and then whispered that I would be right back. A couple minutes later, I hear the door and when I look up (this is in the hall way of the hotel), I see my husband standing there in his slippers and underwear! Haha! Uh…trying not to burst out in laughter as the therapist are going over their report for the week, and I help him back into the room!

We thought we only had PT at 3pm today, but at 11am Alita the Speech Therapist showed up. The schedule had been written down wrong so instead of tomorrow like we had thought, Cale had speech today. We’re really trying to work on word finding and getting Cale’s words out clearer. Today she was giving him a topic and having him come up with as many words as he could. One of the topics was the word “hot”. Cale started the list and then ended with saying, “and me!” Haha! Yes, Mr. Darling, you’re hot! ;)

I was leaning against Cale earlier. Not my full weight but, made it seem like I was. He had his hand up playing with my hair, while my face was buried in his chest. It was a very sweet moment until Cale says, “It would be funny if I moved and you fell!” What?! He said it with a big smirk and when I gave him a shocked face he said, “I wouldn’t do it though, I love you lots.” He still had a smirk, so I said, “but you still think it would be funny?” With a sheepish grin now, he replied, “yes.” Stinker!

When we had left radiation and were on our way back to the hotel this afternoon, I was just entering the freeway when a lady cut me off rather than let me on. I gave a soft grunt, annoyed with her not-very-nice-driving, when right after Cale roles down the window and growls at her! Oh my goodness! “What are you doing?!” I asked him bewildered and amused. Cale said, “She’s mean! Arrgh!”

Tonight we decided since it was a Friday night we should go out to eat. Part of me really wanted to, but the other part of me was in a mood to eat A LOT of food, so the thought of going out sounded dangerous. I gave Cale the option of staying in and cuddling with a movie, or still going out. Of course he picked to go out! Well, after searching on Yelp for a yummy restaurant, we decided just to find an Olive Garden (the breadsticks were calling my name!). I think we drove way out of the way to get to one, not to mention how long it took us to get there because of traffic. Once there, I needed the bathroom ASAP! After getting Cale settled in a chair with our little beeper thing, I went straight to the Women’s (or so I thought!) bathroom. When I first opened the door, I just stood there starring. Hmm, why are those men in here? It took me about a minute (yes that long…!) to realize I was in the wrong room! When I went to turn around (with a VERY red face), a couple men were coming in. I was kind of stuck in this awkward stand still while squeaks and squeals are finding their way out, accompanied with “Um…I’m in the wrong room!” Finally, as I make my way out (into an area full of people) I dart across the room and enter into the correct restroom. By this time, I’m laughing so hard my sides hurt! Oh dear…

The elevators here talk. We’ve named her a few times because Cale keeps forgetting and then doesn’t always believe me when I tell him the name he had come up with. She says things like, “doors closing”, “going up”, “doors opening”, and what floor we’re on. She has this voice that makes it almost impossible to not copy! When we got on this evening, there was already a lady on going up as well. Cale (like always) was copying everything the elevator was saying. When the lady got off on the second floor, Cale looked at me and said, “She thinks I’m dumb.” I told him that she thought he was funny not dumb, with that, he started clapping and said, “YAY!” with a HUGE smile!

Now that has a couple things attached to it, first, this is the first time that Cale has given any attention (verbally) of what someone thought of him. I feel like this is a big thing because it’s another person’s opinion that he’s recognizing and, he cares about what she thinks of him! Also, he has always really loved being funny… :)

Another thing about the “dumb” comment referring to how he was feeling, when speech first started today, we were trying to come up with some cue cards for getting ready. Cale all of a sudden lays back and was really upset. When I asked what was wrong, he said, “I’m not dumb.” With more questioning, Cale said that Alita was making him feel dumb! I had to do some explaining because Alita has been amazing and in no way was she trying to make him feel that way. Again, today is the first day of him showing signs of how he thinks other people are seeing him as.

For OT, Liz brought her dog and we went to a park nearby. It was lots of walking, but Cale did great. He used his cane and my hand for support. He did a good job of letting us know when he was tired and had fun getting to pet the dog.

Tonight when we were driving home from dinner, Cale put his arms out like he was holding the steering wheel. After a while, he put his arms down. We talked about what he was doing and he told me that he missed driving!! This is such a BIG deal! Cale hasn’t talked about things that he misses getting to do on his own! I didn’t say anything about it when he was pretending to drive! He came up with it all on his own! Now, he has talked about wanting to do things, but in a way that is referring to him doing it right now, not that he wished he was healed so he could do it. He knows he can’t drive when we’re in the car. He’ll say that usually he can, or that he used to be able to, but he has never said that he missed it. He used to love driving! If the two of us were in the car, he was usually always in the driver’s seat! This made my heart so happy to see him come out with that, but also sad because I know that was something taken from him that he has always really loved.

We've been getting to share some really fun moments lately. So...I shared some of our funnies, what is one of yours?!


  1. oh my gosh too funny. i needed a good laugh!:)

  2. Melissa and I were just talking of the time we were swimming and Angie was laying in the hammock and we were all chatting. Well, Ang tried to turn over and ended up falling upside down, half in and half out of the hammock and she was stuck and yelling for help. From where we were it all looked pretty funny so we just stood there and laughed. Of course, she ended up falling on the ground before we could get to her. I don't think she has forgiven us yet for laughing:) LOL

  3. I almost went into the mens bathroom...only it was at church and the fellow behind me said "I don't think you want that one." :) Father has His hand on Cale in special way. He is leading him in the pathes He wants Cale to go. He's holding you close to His heart. I love you, Marion

  4. Hannah Hayner6/14/11, 11:07 AM

    hahahahaha i love these stories! mostly because i can totally picture it like i'm with you! i'll have to think of some of mine and get back to you!


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