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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Where There Is Love...

The reunion was so good! It was wonderful getting to see family that I haven’t seen in a couple years. It was Cale’s first time meeting that side of the family. Our reunion is always on this big lake and there’s always lots of food and talking. I wasn’t sure how it would go with him and how long he would be able to tolerate, but he was able to handle about 4.5 hours!!! On the 4th, it was the same type of atmosphere and he was only able to do a fraction of that! My brother had him in round after round of Crazy 8’s which helped a ton! My aunt also had a kitten that we played with for a while and then the raffle drawing we do every year and Cale won two prizes! This is one that he picked out for me…

We don’t have a glamorous family and it’s not any kind of a high-end ordeal, but we sure do have a good time! Cale was sitting by my grandma for a while and at one point he pointed to her legs; when she asked him what he was pointing at he said, “white.” Haha! Uh…she was very sweet and thought it hilarious that he said she has white legs…and she agreed with him! :)

That is one thing about Cale, he is very honest! If he doesn’t like the food-he says it. If he’s not having fun-he says it. If he is mad at you-he says it. If he thinks you’re being dumb-he says it. cracks. me. up.

After getting back to the hotel, Cale was tired. We let him rest while everyone else went to the pool. My brother came up and took over hanging with Cale so I could go down and relax with everyone. I love spending time with everyone and having our family together. We’re missing one brother, but maybe he’ll be able to join us next time.

Last night Cale watched the Spanish channel for a fairly long time. He had seen a dog on it and stopped to watch and then just kept watching! He had no idea it was in Spanish! With most things he watches on TV, he has no idea what it’s about and only gets a few words here and there because he just can’t process the words-so, I guess it doesn’t matter it’s not in English! Haha!

One thing that has been awesome to watch is this really special bond between Cale and my brother. I know that Cale doesn’t remember the accident or any of the time right after, but somehow I feel like there is something there because of it and my brother being right there with him. Not quite sure how to explain it, but as this trip continues, I’m seeing it more and more. It’s something Cale doesn’t realize, but it’s so awesome to be on the outside and getting to witness this sweet miracle.

My nephew CJ showed me two really neat card tricks last night. I was fascinated with how they turned out and had him show me more than once. He showed me how to do one of them, which when I tried to do it to Cale, I failed the first two times! One of them I decided I didn’t want to learn how-I just wanted to think it was the coolest thing, but the other he showed me the trick…so, I feel special! :) We both tried to do them with Cale, but I found out card tricks and Cale don’t do so well. With CJ’s he had to pick a card at the beginning and follow through the trick, but he wasn’t able to remember his card and then with the one I did with him, he got the cards all mixed up and couldn’t remember the ones I had him choose. It was pretty funny because with CJ since he wasn’t able to follow the trick, he wasn’t too impressed and then with mine, he thought I did it all wrong!

We're now home and Cale is snoring next to me...I'm about to join him. :)


  1. I love reading your blog. You guys really are the epitome of true love! You guys never give up on each other! You are so devoted to him, and its so inspirational to read how you handle situations that most would crumble in. Thank you, for giving me a reminder this morning to not take anything for granted and to be grateful for every moment!

  2. Love the plate - so perfect for where you are at in your journey! LOVE IS LIFE ~ the good life, the best life, even in the worst of circmstances~ Love is a choosing, an understanding that I chose to be here - always. So glad you had a great family reunion ! Always amazed at how Caleb one ups his lat conquest ~ 4.5 hours WAY TO GO!!!!! Love you guys praying for you !!!! ((())) Hugs! Reenie !!!!

  3. So nice that your brother can take over and give you a break!

  4. I love that connection between your brother and Cale. Naomi (my eldest) was 5 1/2 when she witnessed Timothy's (my youngest)birth. She really was too young to remember very much. Yet, it was a momentous time in her life, and there is a special conection between the two. It's kind of funny, but Timmy, (who deffinately doesn't remember anything) feels closer to Naomi than any of the others...except maybe Benjamin...they shared a room for 26 years. :) I love you, Marion I really like the plate, too.


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