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Sunday, August 21, 2011

20 randoms…

1) I love my husband. More and more every day I’m learning of how God loves Cale way more than I could ever love him; more than I can fathom. To know that there is a love like that for my husband brings comfort on so many levels.

2) Cale and I went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday. At one point I looked at Cale and said, “This is the same church that we were married in.” Cale said, “Really?” I replied to this…”yep! Twice!” I suggested we do it again since we like weddings so much. ;) Just kidding!

3) Last night we laid on our bed cuddling and had a good time talking. Cale isn’t so great with conversations, but last night I would say we really had a good one! I’m starting to see this more and more…bits by bits.

4) I’ve been really excited to wake up (well, not the waking up part) every morning lately waiting to see what new things Cale is going to do. God has been answering a lot of prayers and really blessing us with great healing!

5) I miss the hospital. Is that totally weird? I miss the simpleness of it. Yes, it was a hard time in our life and had moments of loneliness, but it was simple. I was with Cale and that was life. Every day was so focused on his progress. I love being home (don’t get me wrong!) but, with home comes taking care of the house, business of life, bills, back to real life responsibility that wasn’t there during the hospital. Again, (just in case you think I need to be admitted to a crazy house) I DO LOVE BEING HOME!

6) Everywhere in my house that is too high to reach-never gets dusted.

7) I don’t like driving. I never have, Cale has always been the one to drive me places. I look forward to the day that he gets to drive outside of the parking lot...or do I? Not totally sure yet.

8) Scary movies scare me. I hate them and never watch them.

9) I really REALLY love food. It just makes me so happy!

10) I adore my babies that I’m going to have one day. I haven’t met them yet, I have no idea when I will, but I’m already crazy about them! Lately I can’t stop thinking about my tummy growing…one day!

11) We were sitting in church today and we had just started to dig into scripture. For the first time, Cale grabbed a Bible from the pew and opened it; searching for the correct page. He ended up finding the right area and then his mom helped him find the right verses. Too many letters and words though, so he put it away. It was incredible to watch him though! Praise God!

12) I never want to get to a point in my life where suddenly I can’t be me and I pretend to be someone else; someone that people would rather I be. I wouldn’t last…the real me comes out all too quickly. That’s the way it should be! The real me!

13) When we’ve been going to Cale’s doctor’s appointments lately we start out with each of us reading a magazine. Cale flips through and looks at all the pictures and when he’s done, we play cards. Whenever he sees a woman with a low cut shirt or a swim suit on, he covers his eyes and flips the page. :)

14) I constantly have to remind myself that this life is not about me. It’s not about my feelings, my wants, my desires, and my needs. What is so fascinating to me is that even though that’s not what it’s about, God cares. I really believe he does.

15) Basil makes me smile a lot…and laugh. Cale has been saying, “Basil is a good dog.” I agree!

16) I want a pot belly pig and have for years and years.

17) I have always wanted to learn to sew, but NEVER take the time to learn…I’d rather be eating.

18) I really enjoy meeting people. Cale doesn’t love it as much. I'd say he might love it more now than before!

19) Cale likes his fingers popped and I like my toes popped. We often will do each other’s…I know you were dying to know that! ;)

20) I. love. Chocolate.


  1. Your #5 really touched a chord with me. I have had several hospitalizations of a week or longer, and each time when I returned home, I truly missed the hospital, to the point of feeling really disoriented at home.

    One time that really stood out was after being in the hospital for three weeks, I was moved to a rehab hospital. That transition was very, very difficult for me.

    I always thought it quite strange, the whole post-hospitalization blues, and am glad to know I'm at least not the only one!

    Cale & you continue to be in my thoughts & prayers.

  2. I totally understand missing the hospital. When you're there, you just have one focus and that's your spouse's progress. And I knew he was well taken care of and now that he's back to being a geobachelor, I am just not sure how much he's watching out for himself right now just because he's back at work and I know there's a huge stigma attached to asking for help or for anything for that matter. Thinking of you both and keeping you in our prayers <3

  3. I love each of your "randoms". #5 makes alot of sense. Not having so much responceability (sp?) is nice to have once inawhile. Call me crude, is #16 because you wanted it for a pet...or dinner? I love you and am so delighted to be back on track with getting to read your blog. Marion

  4. I'm going to reply to all your randoms because pretty much they all made me want to say something. But Blogger won't let me post all of them at once! (It knows I can't shut up.)
    1. YES Ma'am - that is wonderful and in my opinion this is a miracle, and NOT because of TBI. If I didn't know Christ I would say, "She's just a positive person" or "She's lying". Isn't it AMAZING that in a world where people get divorced left and right, you can love a sinful, flawed, human man more each day?
    2. That is so sweet. I loved my wedding but I like being married more. I wouldn't want to go back and live it over again. I was a WAY-too-emotional newlywed. Last night Brian told me, "You cried over dinner, like, every night." True story.
    3. Conversation where there aren't ANY distractions are the best.
    4. I wake up each morning excited to read your blog and see what Cale did yesterday!!!
    5. No, it's not weird at all. It's totally normal to miss the simplicity of something. I miss our old apartment sometimes. It was so tiny... easy to clean, easy to hear Brian even from the other side of it (like, one room away, haha) and even with NO storage, and stuff everywhere, it was our first home! But would I want to move back? No. So, that's totally a different example and yours is much deeper, but I totally understand where you're coming from. (Plus, you totally miss me and Basil misses Bo and on a subconscious level, that is another reason you miss the hospital.) :) I'm so modest.
    6. YUP! NO worries there. I only dust when I can visibly see dust on a surface, anyway. (Hopefully you won't defriend me.)
    7. I'm the SAME WAY! I would rather be a passenger ANY DAY! (Though partly this is because Brian always nags me about my driving when I drive with him.)
    8. I'M THE EXACT SAME WAY! I won't even weigh the idea of possibly watching a horror movie at any point in the future. I don't even like the covers of them. YUCK. Brian is not allowed to watch them either! (Thankfully he's not a big fan anyway... we like adventurous movies.)
    10. I absolutely agree and understand 100%. Sometimes I have dreams about little bald babies and I wake up all dreamy-eyed! And I stay that way for the rest of the day! And the belly thing, I totally get it (I have a couple examples but since someone else might read this comment, I won't go into that because I would seem crazy.)

  5. 11. Praise the Lord! GO CALE!
    12. I'm the opposite. It's always a struggle for me not to try to fit in by being someone people expect me to be. I guess you could call it 'fake,' though saying that stings. As an adult I'm realizing that I have the freedom to be what God made me and not fall into that 'high school' trap. I wish you had been my friend in high school!
    13. LOL. Tell Cale that I give him a virtual high-five for covering them up. Brian does the same thing. I love that you have a 'waiting room routine'!
    14. You said that perfectly. Both are so true. And you said it in the perfect order, too: 1. It's all about God, but 2. God loves us. I have to remember this daily.
    15. Dogs are SO wonderful!!! Bo just lights up our lives. I have been saying lately (like Cale), "Bo is such a good boy!!!" Even after a few years, I still see more and more of his personality coming out! Please give Basil a pet for me. I miss his goofball face.
    16. Pot belly pigs... adorable. Did you know that they are super smart?! MY friend actually got one! She had to give it away because it kept raiding the fridge!!! On that note, I have to say that I don't feel bad AT ALL for eating chickens (they're kind of yucky and dumb), but I do feel pangs of guilt when I eat pork. I just do. I might stop.
    17. HAHAHA! I have a sewing machine and have a grasp on the basics. BUT yet... I would WAY rather eat. It is SO FRUSTRATING to sew! I'd advise you to keep up with your cake decorating instead. But I don't want to discourage you! If you have a drive to learn, get a Brother sewing machine from Walmart. Not too expensive and pretty easy to use (that's what I have and I like it! so far all my troubles are USER error and not due to my sewing machine). Though I do have to say, when you hit yet another snag in your sewing project, you will find yourself getting up in frustration to go to the kitchen to get yet another snack. So sewing may be a good thing for you!
    18. Brian and I are the same way! I am much more social, Brian is not very social at all.
    19. YUCK AND YUCK! I hate the sound of things being popped! Brian tries to pop my toes and I hate it! I'm curling my toes in revulsion as I type this!!! Haha!
    AND 20. This really resonates!!!! What's your favorite kind? I'm a sucker for Ghirardelli 60% Bittersweet... I know the higher the percentage, the better it is for you, but I admmit I can wolf down a Hersheys milk chocolate bar faster than you can sneeze!

    I love you guys and I miss you very much!

  6. Shari: I feel like its a really sad thing for us both to relate to...but I'm so glad I'm not the only one and someone else understands! :)
    Alma: I can imagine that must be tough not being there all the time with him. I know when I went to NYC for the weekend, I struggled because I wasn't there keeping everything in place for Cale, but I at least knew he was still with people that were trying to take care of him!
    Marion: I've missed you! I've tried to call a few times just to check up on you and let you know I've missed ya! As for the a pet! :) I like to eat pigs too though!
    Maegan: Goodness gracious girl I love you! To comment back on a couple...I actually have a great sewing machine that Cale's mom had given to me right after we had gotten married. I had all the expectations of making curtains and table cloths...never happened. I really would like to learn so I can make some adorable baby clothes! At some point, I need to hear your baby bump stories! Answer to chocolate-I LOVE dark, dark with mint-oh yum! Now, any chocolate mixed with peanut butter-done. I'm a gonner lost in a world of goodness! :) Big hugs and pets to Basil from you and Bo! :) Must give Bo as well!!

  7. Oh my goodness okay you and Charlie need to join forces..He wants a pot belly so bad but he would be happy with any pig..You are going to make such a fantastic mother...Who wouldn't rather eat...Chocolate is the best thing ever...And I am so happy you don't even know at all the changes in that handsome hubby of yours...Keeping you in our prayers my love...Package coming at the end of the week...
    Jean and Charlie


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