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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The kind of guy I have…

He holds the door open for as long as people are walking up to it. He never just walks through if others are coming.

He waits to sit until after I’ve sat down.

He makes sure that he hears what is being said rather than just nod along with the conversation. He will ask “what?” several times if needed.

He compliments me constantly through the day. He’s always telling me that I’m cute, beautiful, sweet, sexy, pretty, fun, his princess, and whistles at me when I walk into the room. He can’t even make the actual whistle sound, so he just says, “whistle whistle” to get his point across.

He never interrupts when someone is talking. He waits until they’re finished speaking completely before asking or telling them what’s on his mind.

He doesn’t just push the shopping carts into the little area in the parking lot and then walk away. When he puts the cart away, he pushes it all the way in and makes sure it fits perfectly into the line of carts already there.

When I even bump myself on something and say anything to show that it hurt even in the slightest, he says sorry and will kiss the area. If I’m not feeling good, even just a headache, he prays for me without me asking. If I ask him to pray for someone, he doesn’t just say ok and tell me that he will, he stops right then and prays for them.

If he puts something away, whether at home or in a store, he doesn’t just set it sloppily and be done. He puts it away right where it belongs and makes sure it’s facing the right way.

He doesn’t just fill Basil’s water dish and then say he’s done. He fills it, waits for Basil to drink and then refills it.

He’s determined and will work on the same thing over and over until he can get it right.

He does therapy everyday even though he really doesn’t want to and doesn’t understand why.

He doesn’t remember the time that he had spent with someone, but if he knows them and recognizes their name, he lights up and gets really excited.

Every time I’ve asked him about giving of what we have to someone who needs it, he always asks how much and what for and then no matter what will say yes.

He’s brave and courageous always doing things asked of him even when it’s scary and challenging.

He prays already believing what he’s asking for. There is no doubt that comes from him, he just confirms a “yes” and believes God will take care of it.

He’s honest. He doesn’t fake or pretend that he’s having a good time when he’s not. He doesn’t act like everything is smooth and cool when they’re not.

He’s so tender when I come to him with tears streaming down my cheeks because I’m feeling the weight of everything and the desire for what is missing is so strong. He may not fully get why I’m sad, but he wants me better and will comfort me as long as I need.

He knows what he likes and doesn’t like. He doesn’t change it just because someone else tries to persuade him in a different direction.

He will always share what he has with me. He may have gotten only a 10 piece chicken nuggets from McDonalds and if I ask for a nugget, he will always say yes. You know how much he loves those nuggets…!

My husband has a severe brain injury; his cognitive level is like a child and yet, he is a better person than so many full functioning people I’ve met, including myself. He’s an example to me!

He’s my love. My husband.

I am so thankful for him!

No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us. -1 John 4:12


  1. My Dave and I had a stretching opportuitiy this weekend. It clouded my vision. Thank you for the reminder of making a list of what I am thankful for in him. I love you. Hugs, Marion

  2. I'm so glad you posted this, Kathleen. It makes you think about what it means to be a whole person, and that we should really consider what we mean when we say that someone is "handicapped." Cale may not be able to drive himself to the store (YET!!!) but he has a much better functioning heart than half the people who can. He is a special special man, and I feel blessed to call him my Brother.


  3. This is beautiful and endearing. Thank you for sharing. I love it. I am glad that you appreciate how giving he is. Love it!

  4. so sweet, love this!

  5. You have what most people seek for. You ARE truly blessed, but then we all knew that! Cale is an awesome person, and so is the person he married!!! How amazing is your thankfulness...

  6. Dear Kathleen,
    Cale is so VERY LUCKY to have YOU for his wife!
    Cale would not be the man he is, without YOU!

    Lorri C.

  7. Beautiful post Kathleen.

  8. I read you and Cale's story tonight. I stumbled across the video put to the song "Have Your Way" by Britt Nichole and was moved so I decided to come and read some of your blog. I am so incredibly touched by your love for each other and the strength you have found in God to get through each day. I don't know you personally, but I am inspired by you and Cale. Your lives are a testimony to what God can do. I'm not married yet, but I am dating a guy that I pray will someday be my husband. After reading about you and Cale, I realized how deep the vow to be with each other till death do us part is. How demanding and rewarding it can be. Thank you for writing this blog and sharing with the world. You have challenged my view of true love and given me hope that even in the darkest days, giving up is not an option. God can move mountains and get us through the toughest storms. - Allison

  9. Goodness, Kathleen! You've done it again! I'm a puddle of happy tears! Love you both and Basil and Scratch too. ;D

    Sarah Bosse


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