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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life just keeps a going on!

Tuesday morning after Cale woke up; there wasn’t much time before his therapy. The RS came for 4 hours so that gave me time to go grocery shopping with Mama. When I came back, my plan was to get done a whole bunch of “stuff” that was on my list, but Cale didn’t want me out of his sight! I ended up having the RS leave an hour early and just spent time with him. I knew that since I had gotten back so late Monday night, we hadn’t had much time together.

I always love the times everything slows down and we get to relax and cuddle in the middle of the day. The list is still there waiting, but some days it just needs to be set aside.

Tuesday night we continued the cuddling and watched a Red Wings game together. They started good, went through a rough patch, but are hopefully back in the game. Cale always ends up being a happier man when they win! :)

Wednesday was game day. We played Crazy 8’s, Sorry, Solitaire, Memory, and Skip-Bo. PT was cancelled last night so I tried to get him on the elliptical. I’m not sure if he was extra tired or not, but he didn’t even last 10 minutes! Thankfully he at least did some for me. Before we started all the games, Cale entertained himself for almost an hour! This gave me time to get some much needed deep cleaning done. I keep the house picked up, but it’s hard to get the under the surface stuff done. In our room it became all of it! It felt good to get some of it out of the way.

This morning we went to one of the elementary schools in the area for a Veterans Day assembly. It was so cute and very sweet. They called out each branch of the military and recognized all the veterans. Cale smiled really big when they called out Army and he stood. He’s a man that likes people clapping for him! :)

He also had speech…I mixed up the schedule so Doreen actually had come about 30 minutes before the ceremony. They were able to work on spelling words before we needed to go. Since it was such a short time, Doreen just came with us!

Cale also had OT this afternoon and did so great! I had gone to lunch with Mama and Janis, so I missed out on his session, but when I came back there was a good report.

This is kind of a quick update, so I’ll have to add on my thoughts another time. Cale is having a hard moment so I have to finish up!


  1. It's a sweet momment when our husbands need us. I love it and am getting better at responding. I am so proud of you, Kathleen. Father is EVEN MORE PROUD than I am. I love you, Marion THANK YOU, CALE, FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY.

  2. You take the most darling pictures! And I just love how you tell the story of your day. It so beautifully reflects unconditional love!


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