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Monday, November 28, 2011

Our life in snapshots...and a video!

Cale went to church with a mohawk...and we loved it!

We put up and decorated our tree. Cale helped Mama get it set up and fluffed and then helped with the first couple ornaments, but then he was tuckered out! Him and Basil hung out on the couch while I finished up! Bing Crosby was on the entire time! ;)

Cale had a great therapy session. They worked in the gym for a bit. There was a form of limbo involved along with some stretching!

I raked up a bunch more leaves out front. Now Christmas-like things have taken their spots. Cale came out and took a couple pictures (actually a ton!) and one of Scratch and Basil makes me laugh! It's a neat artistic shot, but it's funny seeing Scratch watching Basil sniff the bags.

I realized that it's been a long time since I've posted a video with Cale talking. His speech has gotten so much more clear! I tried to ask him questions to get him talking enough that you would be able to tell a little better at how well he's doing. It's still a struggle sometimes to understand, but for the most part (at least what I think) he's doing great!

Our small group was tonight and towards the end Cale said he was tired. He got up and said good night to everyone and then went to the bedroom. When everyone had left, I walked down the hall to check on him and he was asleep! usually he'll just go to bed and lay there, but he really must have been tired! I'm now sitting in the dark in my living room enjoying my pretty Christmas tree. :)

Last night when I turned all the lights off to go to bed, all that lit the room was our tree. I called for Cale to come because the tree was just so beautiful and I was instantly reminded of Christmas last year. We ended up sitting in our tree lit room and praying. It wasn't a prayer of asking the Lord for anything; we just praised Him for how He has blessed us and for who He is.


  1. Oh Hun watching that video made my heart swell with pride for you two and the beautiful work God has done with Cale. I needed that tonight! His speech is amazing and I loved his Mohawk too! God Bless and lots of love and hugs!!

    Casey Q

  2. Kathleen, that was beautiful! Thank you for sharing Cale with us - I loved seeing him talk about your church and all the rest. This was a real blessing to me to see today. Thank you. You have the sweetest voice, and Cale's is just wonderful. Thank you again.
    Michele in Oklahoma

  3. Now, my sweet friend, you will sit in your tree-lit room and pray again. Isn't Father good to give you such a different room. I love it. My husband got the cleaning-out bug, so we don't have our tree up yet. There was a time when the Friday after Thanksgiving we put up ALL our Christmas decorations. It's getting laterr and later...changing times. I love you and enjoy a bit of your life. I see Father's hand all over you and Cale. :) Marion

  4. That video was so special and helps me get a better picture of your life together. I heard of you all through Adam and Amy Root's blog. I have prayed for you both and will continue. What an inspiration you both are. Stay strong in the Lord always.
    Emily Jordan
    Sanford, NC


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