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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One of those good kind of dreams...

Right before waking up this morning I was having a dream that Cale and I were attending some kind of worship conference. There was a little prayer time before the music started. Cale was sitting in front of me and when everyone stood to sing he turned to me and said, “All of my wishes are going to come true!” He had a great big smile and had to repeat a couple times for it to all come out clear. I asked him what wishes he was talking about and because of the music playing, he wasn’t able to focus enough to get the words out. He grabbed a paper and pen then wrote out “I will have a full life.” My heart started to pound and was followed by sobbing; all I could do was stare at the paper. When I was able to lift my head and look back into his face, he was still wearing a great big smile. We grabbed onto each other and started to pray.

This tender beautiful dream was broken by the blaring sound of Worth it All by Rita Springer on my alarm. I hit dismiss and tried so hard to get back to my dream, back to Cale telling me what God had shared with him during that sweet prayer time…

Man. What a way to start a day huh?

On Sunday afternoon I was tired and really the only thing I was thinking about was taking a nap. The problem is that I’m one of those people that if I take a nap, I usually wake up feeling worse and I then have trouble sleeping that night. There is always a lot to do around here, so I got to work.

Tonight there’s a cookie exchange here at my house and I wasn’t going to make or do a whole lot of decorating because my house is already pretty festive, but I did want to add a few small touches. At first when I started making the garland, Cale was playing Xbox and he also needed a Sunday afternoon nap, but he was refusing as well. After a little while he had gotten up and went to the room. It’s been a grumpy last few days because of the pain in his knee. I let him go and figured he was going to sleep. I kept on working and had moved onto another little project at this point. I needed something out of our spare room and while I was walking down the hall, I could tell Cale wasn’t sleeping, but what was he doing?

While I was being crafty, Cale was busy taking out all of his clothes out of his dresser! He just threw them on the bed. When I asked what he was doing he said, “I’m looking for something else to wear.” Uh…haha!

A couple hours later it was time for all of us to head to the Christmas program at church. Again, it’s been a grumpy last few days and I wasn’t sure what would be unleashed to everyone. Cale actually did very well. He was bored for most of it, but I was able to smile and refocus his attention to the music. Every time a song would come on that he knew, he would sing loudly right along with the performers! :)

Yesterday I was busy at church helping with a Giving Tree our church is doing. September is leading it this year and put me to work! Haha! As I was sorting, wrapping, and tagging all the presents, I couldn’t help but think about all the excited faces of all the children that were going to be receiving a gift. It's fun getting to be an elf!

Please be praying for Cale’s knee. The pain has gotten worse and he’s having a really hard time! I was able to get an appointment with the doc tomorrow morning. Poor guy!

I wanted to share a picture that WAS taken (thank you Becky!) of us dancing at the wedding! This was right before or after Cale had turned me…


  1. WHAT A CHARMING PICTURE!! It looked pre-accident to me. My question...did Cale help put the unsed clothes away. It was so good to read your blog this morning. I needed it. For the knee, yes I WILL PRAY. Father created a wonderful ingredien...MSM creme, from Blue Mountain Herbs. Their toll free number is 1-800-421-5201. They are wonderful people. They work on the honor system. You make your order, they send it with the bill, you send a check. It saves them money dealing with the C.C. One year my Jon had me send him some while he was in Iraq. They sent a card thanking him for his service withthe order. I trust the appointment went/goes well. I love you, Marion

  2. Awhhh...I love the photo! So glad someone got one of you both. I will be praying for his knee and his mood too! Stay strong in the Lord. Merry Christmas to you both!!
    Emily Jordan
    Sanford NC

  3. I have found that God often uses dreams to speak to me. It feels like He takes a stirring stick and begins to stir things up in my spirit while I am sleeping. And while He is stirring, things start coming to the surface....fears, hopes, desires... so that God can actually do something with them.

    Hope you and Cale have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. I know that dance had to be a blessing to you, Kathleen, and Cale looks pretty happy too, regardless of the knee! We will pray for quick healing, for rainbows & puppies to fill Cale's thoughts (what I used for my kids to get them out of a funk), and for our get together next week. Can't wait!
    Let those dreams minister to you and remind you of the amount of healing Cale's received thus far, and how many more God has in store (He promised)...


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