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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just a little update...

Every time I’ve considered typing something up for a post, the thought follows, “what will I write?” Life at home in the midst of every day kind of life isn’t as thrilling and exciting as hospital life…that was a really funny description as I just reread what I typed. Hospital life…thrilling and exciting huh? Ha!

Anyways…I have several projects I’m working on. Just a few things to help the house out and make it look like Spring is here! Also, a few things that have needed to be done for a long time and just haven’t been done yet. One of them happens to be our spare room…I can’t even begin to share about how awful it looks right now. It was the dumping place as we were here and there with all of our travels. Yikes! Can you say organization emergency?! In time.

I did plant some flowers that I can’t wait to watch bloom! In one of the pots I can already see a flower preparing to! Last year I spent so much time out on the deck and loved being surrounded by all the pretty flowers. I’m ready for those special moments again! I wasn’t the greatest last year at keeping all of them alive, but I’m determined! While I was planting each flower, I was thinking about how excited I was for them to bloom into the beautiful flowers they were meant to be. The soil had to be worked and it wasn’t a quick task, but at some point it’s going to happen. As this was all running though my little head, the Lord gave me this picture of Cale and how where he was before the car accident seemed to us like it was the perfect safe place (like the container the flowers came in), and once removed from that it has been scary, but the Lord has worked the soil and has placed Cale in a new time in life where he can grow and bloom into the man God has created him to be. We can’t see the whole flower box, but it’s going to be perfect.

Cale is doing great. He really is. I find myself not seeing progress so much daily that I had been for so long, but he’s definitely not done healing! He still does many things that leave me curious and overjoyed. Thursday he had a speech session (he’s getting them 1-2 times a month right now and that’s the only therapy) and his speech therapist did word finding cards with him. This has been a continued battle that he has struggled with and worked so hard on. In February she had used the cards and he had done the best yet at that point, but needed several cues along the way. This time, she said he got 59 out of 60 and that was without cues!!!!!!!!!! It’s amazing! I couldn’t stop smiling! Along with how well he did on that task, she said he had humor full blast the entire session!

Along with the greatness we do see, I find myself praying a whole lot about his moods. We’re going to be trying some medication adjustment to see if anything happens, but it’s not much different than it has been for quite some time. As far as all the stuff that comes along with caring for my husband in the way that is needed, I can do it. Yes, it’s not ideal, but I love taking care of him. I love serving my husband. The draining part and where the challenges come into play is the constant anger and frustration that comes from him. I offer it to the Lord multiple times a day and each time I also ask the Lord to help me see Cale the way He does; to love Cale like He does. I feel it get to me a lot more often over the last few weeks. I know its brain injury and he doesn’t mean to do whatever it is he’s doing or say whatever comes out, but my heart feels it. I want to be open about it and let you know where we’re needing prayers…

Mama also had a much needed surgery on her arm Thursday morning. She’s doing ok and hopefully will heal and recover quickly. Since the beginning of March, she’s been home full time and watching a little boy M-F. Since she had her surgery on a Thursday and was going to be down Friday as well, I offered to help out and watch the little boy. Oh my. Those two days were so busy! I was taking care of Cale, Mama, and the little boy…life was interesting at points! Cale was gone for a few hours with Chris both days, which helped a ton!

On Friday for most of the day, I was able to spend it with Rachel! She came into town a day earlier than she had been planning and after her hair appointment she came to see me! While J napped, the two of us sat on the deck and soaked up the sunshine! It was beautiful outside!! Later that afternoon, Beth came over and the three of us worked on wedding decorations. Less than a month and Joe and Beth will be married!!!!

While we’re on the wedding topic…Saturday was the Bridal Shower. Cale hung out with Joe and the girls had a great time loving on and blessing Beth!

I’ve had a really large gross cold sore for the last WEEK that had made me a bit more shy than normal. All I can think when I’m talking with people is that they think I’m an alien. When I told Cale I looked like one he said, “at least you’re a cute alien.” So sweet and no denial of what I look like. Ha!

We’re trying something new this week to help us out. I’ll have more details about this later when I have more time to write and after we see how it all goes. I kind of started this last week and it feels wonderful!

Hmm…what else?

How about some pictures from the week…

After I posted last Sunday, Mama came home from the store with a turtle full of peanut butter and chocolate goodies for Cale! He was too sick to eat any of it, so he carried it around all night...and all week! :o)

Yay for future beautiful flowers! It felt so great to get them all planted and make things pretty again!

One of my new spring projects. I think this one and the first one I had made are my favorites...the last one that I did wasn't so great.

Do you have wood floors? If so, you need this incredible piece of equipment. NO joke. It's changed my cleaning life forever. Basil has these little hairs that seem to be everywhere and with all the dust that we get, well let's just say I have tried a million different things to help keep this floor clean! Nothing has worked without being a bigger hassle than the last thing I tried. Finally we have the perfect machine! Waahahaha! My friends, meet the Electrolux UniRapido!

I was starting the ahem...mess in the spare room and found this picture from when my friend Shawna had come to stay with me for a month while Cale was in the hospital in NC. Oh how I miss her and all of our crazy moments...

Working on pretty wedding things!

Basil eats like a monster.

I had fully planned on sleeping in this morning until it was time that we had to get up and get ready for church. Basil had other plans since he had to go outside at 6am this morning! I could have went back to bed like my flesh really really wanted to do, but instead I decided to spend some time reading my Bible. I think sometimes we think we need more sleep, but really we need more Jesus. I felt so refreshed after my time with Him!

We had to run to the store quickly for a few things this afternoon and right when you walk in they have all the on sale Easter candy there for you. How convenient! I couldn't stop Cale once he laid eyes on his favorite candy...the Reese's Eggs. Do you see how many he said he needed...NEEDED! Haha!

Mama, Cale, and myself played cribbage tonight. Mama has never played so I thought it was time to teach her. It amazes me how good Cale is at that game. Depending on his level of fatigue reveals how well he plays and how much he can do on his own, but either way, he rocks!

I think that's about all for now folks! I'll update again before a week goes by!

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  1. WOW! It is fun reading the blog. YOu know, I kind of understand why Cale needed those things in the cart. They are a favorite of mine, too. My husband sometimes has those moments where I know he doesn't mean what he says, even without brain injury. They hurt, BUT Father takes it for me AND ROMAN 8:28's them. I love you, Marion


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