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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thankful Hearts!

I think I'm pretty much at the point that I'm so far behind in updating that I now stare at the computer screen wondering where in the world to start.
and night after night it leads to nothing.
I close the computer and decide the next day will be easier...but it never comes!
Here's for a try!
These pictures are going to be in a random order...
We went to a ball game with his mom one night. Our local baseball team is the Dust Devils. Cale continually pointed out how hockey is better. :o)
Several days ago Cale found my headband in the car and decided to wear it. No big deal in the car, but it gets pretty funny when we get out of it!
He also decided it would be hilarious to put one of my dresses on...
The first one he tried he couldn't get over his head without ripping it. He managed to get this one on but then got stuck in it!
The funniest part to me was twice within a week he's made the statement, "I'm man of the house." Which I love hearing him say...but he may be confused! ;o) Haha!
I snapped this picture a couple days ago right as Cale was about to start praying. We were sitting on the couch just chilling and the conversation of having a baby came up. I talked with Cale about how right now isn't the time and then suggested we pray for the time to be the Lord's perfect plan and to pray for the lives of our future kiddos.
It was such a sweet time.
My heart was gushing with love and excitement.
It is SO crazy to me that this will only be our home for a little longer. I'm really excited for our new home because it's a huge deal that we're able to build our own home, but the Lord blessed us in a beautiful way with the home we're living in now. For those of you that don't know, the home we've been at since returning home from the hospital after 14 months belongs to our church. Before we came home and without too much notice, many people sacrificed their time to fix this house up and make it into the Darling home.
There hasn't been a single day that we've lived here that I haven't at some point during the day felt tears rise up with the thought of the true gift this home is. A house is just a house. It's a worldly possession that won't be coming with us to heaven, but the heart that went into creating this incredible gift is a treasure!
We are so very thankful for all of you that gave of your time, donated money, and sweat while laboring...
Our new home is sure coming along! We've been making daily trips (sometimes a couple times daily...) to watch the progress. Yay!
Garage floor!
They dropped off "stuff"
And decided to give us a driveway :)
...and the "stuff" became something!
Today was extra exciting because we walked through our doorway for the first time!!! Wow! Don't mind Cale being shirtless...I tried to talk him into putting on a shirt at least for the picture but he wouldn't have anything to do with it!  ;o)
We have a couple trips coming up next month and so far I've been disappointed that I would miss seeing the process of everything finishing up, but now I think I'm glad we'll miss some of it...I may just drive myself nuts!
I had a dentist appointment today. I went in just for a cleaning...
They told me I have beautiful healthy teeth and gums but my wisdom teeth need to come out! They're impacted which means...I now make a call to the oral surgeon.
Eh, it'll mean for a couple lazy days I guess! cream...
Not too terrible.
I do promise there will be an Ecuador update soon. For some reason my iPhone pictures don't transfer to my computer well. It makes for a long process. With so many pictures...well...yeah. I'm slow.


  1. Love the house pictures can't wait to see the progression:) You guys are blessed and we serve a great and mighty God.
    Julie H.

  2. Oh, my Dear Friend!! I can't tell you how happy I am to see how FAR ALONG your house is. I had no idea. It is exciting to hear Cale say he is the man of the house. As to the "confusing part".....Well, I think it is confusing for any of our men. Cale just puts a new face to it. When I do finally get to see you, it will be in your own home.
    Father DOES have the day for your baby to born. He had that all planned out before the foundation of the earth. We just aren't at that day yet.
    I had my wisdom teeth out. It took less than 20 minutes for all 4 of them. I am not quite sure if they were was almost 35 years ago. W O W, that dates me.
    I love you and look forward to seeing you and getting to visit with you. Blessings to you and your sweet husband, and sweet mama. Marion

  3. i'm always amazed how american folks built houses. in germany it takes months and half a furtune. we built with stone, you built with wooden. it looks so easy.
    God bless your home, you and cale and your future children.

  4. I can t even imagine how hard it must be to keep up on your blog....but I am so thankful you take the time to keep us posted! Elisabeth and Philip leave in just over two weeks for Mozambique...not far from where you girls were in Malawi.

    love n hugs all around!

    Julie Brennan


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