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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yard Sale!

Mark your calendars folks! We're having a yard sale! If you're in the Tri-Cities or close to it, come visit! We had first decided to make it fairly small not putting it out there for donations, but it has ended up into a huge one! We've gone through all of our things that we had in storage from NY, gone through all the "stuff" we have now, and have had some things donated.

All funds are going to our new home! We left a few things out of the mortgage with wisdom and guidance given from others, that will still need to be done before move-in day!

We'd love to have you stop by and see if you find any little treasures! :)

Saturday August 25th
2435 W. Bruneau Ave

We hope to see ya! 


  1. I pray your yard sale is a great success!
    Emily Jordan

  2. ME TOO!! ME TOO!! ME TOO!! I am trusting that Father B L O W S your mind away with how much stuff is GONE and how MUCH is brought in from the sale. I love you, Marion

  3. Praying for the most amazing yard sale ever!


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