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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


According to we are 2597.20 miles from home. The driving time is 39.29...and daily Cale says he's going to walk it! That's a whole lotta steps!
We miss home. As of today we've been here 3 weeks and prior to that we were gone for 3 a total of 6 weeks we've been gone and if you don't count the 3 days we were's actually 7 weeks! I'm still not sure when we'll be heading back that way either.
I was trying to get Cale out of a funk today so I handed him my phone and told him to take 10 pictures of things around the unit that are also at home. Here are some...
- Jesus Calling for Kids, a sink, soda, cribbage, tissues, and his girl. He also took a picture of a computer, door, and Xbox.
It helped a little to take his mind off not being home. :o)
Mama sent a few videos of our new home. I'll have to get an updated picture soon to share with you. It's so crazy for me to think the house is still being built even though we're not there driving to see it everyday! I've been told it's turning into a pretty home!
Tonight I am so very thankful that we know when we leave here we have a home to return to!
A few other things...
* Cale was able to leave the unit for 30 minutes today! He still has to stay in the hospital and we have to have a staff with us, but it felt so gooooood to leave 7E together! You could say it was our first little date ;o) We went downstairs to the Dunkin Donuts. Yes, I right here in the hospital. Dangerous. I can't even say I love DD but when you're living in a's all good! Haha!
As soon as we were back to the room he started chowing down! After a few times of a staff going with us, they'll lengthen the time and eventually let us go just us! So super excited and nervous all at the same time.It  could get a bit interesting if he tries to bolt with just me there! Thankfully there's usually always a person in uniform walking around...I can call out, "Help me! Help me!" Heehee!
A funny for today...
I was told by one of the other patients, "For a trim and fit girl, you sure do got yourself a bubble butt." Um...thanks? Ha! I'm very aware of it!
Next time I think to grab that slice of's gonna run through my head!


  1. Don't worry Sissy, its a CUTE butt :-)

    Love you,


  2. WELL!! I guess there are a few of us who have been generously endowed...did I just say that. lol Kathleen, I am glad the hospital has a "fun" place to go. I look forward to hearing about when you and Cale can go by yourselves. Much love, Marion

  3. oooh too funny , Nothing wrong with your trunk !!!! So glad you and Caleb got out ... Prayed for you this morning ! love ya Reenie

  4. Awhhh...I wish I could have had donuts with you! LOL! Loved the photos of things that could be at home! That was a terrific idea! Have you always been so creative with ideas or have you become this way as you have tried to think up distractions for Cale? A very good way to try to stay positive! I'm sorry for you both about missing home so much...I know you must miss not only home, but Mama too! She seems like such a blessing. I have never met you in person but I just love you and Cale both! You are precious and I am praying for you!
    Emily J.
    Some ladies would just LOVE to have your figure, butt and all...TRUST ME! ;o)


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