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Thursday, November 15, 2012

four weeks.

As of yesterday we've been living hospital life for 4 weeks...
not sharing a bed at night
eating hospital food or frozen meals
no privacy
not driving our car
no visiting with our family
no waking up in our home
not going to our church
not using our own shower
saying good night and good bye.
The last few days I've been really missing home. Big time. I've been thinking about how being inpatient last time was way longer and much different but I didn't have a "home" to miss. We didn't know what home was going to look like or where it was going to be. The hospital became our home.
This time...we know home. We know where it's at. We know it's waiting. We know we both really want to go and we both miss it so much.
Along with these thoughts, I was thinking that all the things we've given up for this short time to be in this program is almost nothing compared to the change that being here can bring; and that we hope for. Since we've been down this road before, I know that before I know it, I'll be cuddled up next to my husband in our own bed (in our new house!!!!) talking with him about how I can't believe I had to leave the hospital every night and fall asleep without him...I know this because we've already had that discussion multiple times in the last year! ;o)
We're working really hard with Cale's checklist. He's doing amazing with it! We've made a few changes that started today and before going home we'll have to make a few more. My prayer is that he'll continue at home...and that going home isn't the only factor of why it's been going so well. I'm talking with God quite a bit about it :o)
Today he worked so hard to get enough points to go to the McDonald's right by the hospital. We still have a nurse with us but that doesn't bother him one bit! 4 weeks without going outside of the hospital is a really long time when you're not in a coma!
And yes...that is my Holiday Mint McFlurry and it was delicious. I didn't need it but oh how I wanted it! I ate every single bite!
Thank you for all of your prayers and cards! Now that Cale gets to go downstairs when he has enough points, he also gets to check if he has mail. The other day we went down and he was so excited to have mail! You are all such a blessing!
We are so thankful for God's continued work in our lives. He's constantly molding us into who He created us to be.
p.s. I just discovered that I can reply to each comment! I'll be able to directly reply to you! I'm sure this is a very late discovery, caught on eventually!


  1. Kathleen, I love you and am so proud of YOU, and of course, Cale. I will TRUST with you that Cale will do well with the point system, AND that there will be a way to transition that point system home. Father has such wonderous things in store for you both. A B I G hug, Marion

    1. Marion, thank you SO much for every comment you leave...such a constant blessing! Yes! Please be praying for the transition with the system to home. So far it's going well!

  2. Awwhhh...loved the photo! I am sure it was wonderful for him to get to go to McDonalds (uummmm....I'll have to try one of those Holiday Mint McFlurrys)! So sorry about missing home so much. I think this would be especially true around the holidays such as Thanksgiving coming up. I will be praying you can still make a very special Thanksgiving memory right where you are! As creative as you are I have no doubt you will find a way to make a precious memory there! :o) I wish you could hear my sweet children praying for you during family devotion time. It is so precious. I'll have to send photos sometime!
    Love in Christ,
    EMily JOrdan

    1. I didn't regret one bit eating the I say get one! :) Thank you for your prayers! Yes...not being home for he holidays is no fun, but I'm still with my man! We were joking that he may need to dress up as a turkey! Haha! AND, I would LOVE a picture! How sweet and what a blessing that your children pray for us!

    2. Since you are with your man, essentially, you are at home, huh? That is the way we should look at it, I think! Yes, Cale dressing up like a turkey...that would be great fun! Would love to see that!! :o)


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