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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It has been way too long since I've done a good update on here...

I keep telling myself I'm going to figure out a better system for myself but so far it hasn't happened! 
So...I'll share a whole bunch of pictures and try to give you a really good update now :) 

1. a little before Christmas I ran 12 miles and right after we went into DC with two of our friends we had met here. Sometime between running and walking DC I had hurt my right foot. I think it was the very next night I was cuddled up with Cale watching a movie while he played with me feet; I love when he plays with my feet! Weird? Maybe. But it's still one of my favorite things! Anyways...we're both into the movie and all of a sudden I feel sharp pain and yelp maybe a little too loudly. What happened you ask? Well, while Cale played with my feet and both of us consumed with the movie, he managed to pull of my whole pinky toe nail! The whole thing he ripped right off! OUCH! He felt terrible. He honestly wasn't trying...and I hobbled a few days with my right foot injured and my left missing a nail. Good times. 

2. Cale caught me in what he thought was a crime scene...second cup before lunch! Little does he know most of you reading this enjoy way more than that daily! Ha! 

3. We have been enjoying all of our weekend passes. Like most things with me, food is a key component! That morning I had cinnamon rolls, Cale, and cribbage...I know we were both a fan! ;)

4. Another date to eat and see a movie. We pretty much always end the evenings with ice-cream! 

5. Cale hates (HATES!) the dentist. Back home he has even told our dentist it many times. Oh the adventures we've had! Yikes! He still needs quite a bit of work done but it's always such a challenge to get him there. This particular morning Cale was so worked up about it for hours and to a point that he was exploding multiple times. Ativan was given which helped but until he was in the chair with music on did we know everything was going to be ok! They did an easy clean, basically brushed and flossed just to give him a good experience. We'll see how it goes once home again!

 6. Somedays are harder for Cale than others. Truth for all of us. If we can redirect and find things to cheer him up we go for it! Even if it means a donut a day or sometimes two. He wasn't in the best mood when we took this picture but because he had a donut in a bag behind my back he had a reason to smile...maybe I'm not the only one with food issues?! Haha! 

7. We love getting to FaceTime with Mama because we also get to see Scratch our cat! He's so cute and when I make the noises and call his name he responds which of course only leads to me doing it over and over...until Mama says it's her turn to talk again ;) 

8&9. Cale painted my face. It was so sweet while he was doing it because he really looked at me and figured out what colors to do. He even made sure I had nostrils. Do you see that?!

10. Cale was given yet another silly hat. Angry birds. He loves them. Each one of them makes him smile! Everyone around him smiles too!

11. Mr. Darling is the new owner of his very own laptop! Soldiers Angels is an organization that provides laptops for the patients here. There's a speech program they were wanting Cale to start but couldn't find anything for his iPad. After some investigating, they came to us and let us know they would be getting a laptop and it would be Caleb's! Complete with the speech program! He is so excited and as nerve-racking as the whole thing is...I think it's really good for him. 

12. These feet keep me running miles!

13. This burn was done January 3rd. Day after my birthday. What's even more terrible, it still looks awful! Now it's also so itchy and annoying. I shouldn't try to multitask while curling my hair.

14. Once a week a lady whom we adore comes up to do art. A couple weeks ago she hands Cale this big canvas and we start talking paint. I suggested putting tape down for a "d" and then covering the whole thing in paint. In my girly mind of course I pictured pretty colors and the "d" would be for Darling. Funny how different my mind works from his. The lady asked Cale what colors and he immediately says to her, "red and black." Hmm...ok. Not what I had pictured but we'll work with it. A little bit later a nurse comes in and asks him about his painting and if the "d" was for Darling. He again very quickly responds, "Detroit Red Wings!" Exactly. I knew that...ha! It actually turned out amazing! He used a fork and made marks in the wet paint so when it dried it kind of looks like markings in the ice. I was super impressed! Way better than what I had pictured...

15. Just the other day we had to switch rooms. Cale wasn't happy but did surprisingly well! I think I even took it harder than he did! He lets me know often he doesn't like it and it's dumb. Good news is we go home soon! The count down has started and we are so excited! Next week we'll be in our own home! It's been waaaaaay too long! 

16. Last romantic weekend getaway. They've been wonderful but home is better as Cale always says! :)


I had a birthday recently! It had actually been a pretty challenging day. Poor Cale was struggling and only focused on going home. I was blah and right as I was updating my fb status thanking everyone for the birthday wishes one of the nurses came in the room and asked to talk with me. She had me off the ward for several minutes before another nurse came out and said she needed her inside. I totally went along with the whole thing! I had no clue that the staff had put together a surprise party! I was so blessed! Tears...there were happy tears involved! 

Here's a little video they did :)

I was so thankful for the sweetness they created. Cale was even in better spirits after the little party! 

Another big deal recently...

Last Thursday night after a really hard episode with Cale, in fact, one of the hardest since we've been here, I went back to my room feeling completely drained. Minutes after walking through my door, Rachel called. She had no clue how my evening had gone. No idea! But God did. She was calling to see how my schedule was going to be for the next few days because she wanted to get a ticket to fly out the next day! What?! YES please! 

Her and Mike found a great deal, bought the ticket, and the next day my Rachel was with me. Perfect.

I picked her up Friday afternoon using the metro! Rode there all by myself in a state of...well you can decide by the picture.


This is already a full update and the trip was loaded. I'll share our visit tomorrow! 


  1. Kathleen, I am in tears. I am so glad Fathe gave you the surprize birthday party AND the visit withyour friend Rachel. He is so good. The pictures are wonderful. Put cocnut oil on the burn. I can't explain why, BUT it truly does work. It not only helps with the healing, it helps with scaring. I am so glad you are going to be home soon. Maybe now I can figure out how to get to your place and give you a hug. I love you and cntinue to trust Father for you and your sweet husband. Marion

    1. Yes! I think if I was at home coconut oil would have been the first thing I had thought of because I think I try to put it on just about everything :) but here I had nothing! I don't think I'll be getting to the store that would have it until after we're home so I'll have to slap some on then!

  2. Thank you for the update. I will certainly be praying as you transition home. All the photos were fun. So glad your friend could come especially after a hard day! :o) What a blessing! So FUNNY that Marion told you about putting coconut oil on the burn! I was going to do the same thing. (Great minds think alike!) Coconut oil is great for the skin!! Anyway, Happy Birthday a little late! Which day was it? We are praying for you here.
    Emily J.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Kathleen! Thank you for the update! I pray your transition into your new home goes well for Cale. Maybe that's why the hospital is having you change rooms - so he can get adjusted easier when he has to move into a new home ? just a thought. May you continue to be blessed! Michele

    1. Thanks! and about his move...they actually had to move him to use his room for another patient that came...but working on change is always good! :)

  4. For Emily, My mother ALWAYS used to say "Great minds think alike". How fun to hear it again. If I don't get to see you this side of the New Earth, I look forward to seeing you in the New Earth. There will be lots of "time" to visit. :) Marion

    1. Marion, I have been very encouraged just reading your comments for Kathleen! I've never met you in person but I just know you are precious!!!! Very, very special~you are!! I will greatly look forward to meeting you...whenever that may be!! If you are ever in NC please let me know!! Blessings to you!

    2. I have to agree, she is very special...such a blessing!

    3. Thank you, Kathleen! :o)

  5. Dear Ones (Kathleen AND Emily) I guess like attracts like...we're just reflecting our Jesus in each other. :) Marion


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