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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Still here...good project.

I've started this post a thousand times in my head and over the last few weeks that's as far as it's gotten-stuck in my disorganized messy head. 

I thought maybe I could write about the different ways my heart has been challenged. I thought I could maybe write about new things I've been learning or how I've been overwhelmed lately. I thought about writing all the new plans and ideas that are happening...or just about how thankful I am for each of you.

For now I think I'll just take the easy way out and give you a quick update!

Well, before going any farther...

I do have to say that the whole last week has been amazing for Cale! His mood and willingness to try things is incredible AND he's done great in speech therapy! 

Today was a bit more rough but only because there was a dentist appointment...but that was cancelled and a new one with better planning will be scheduled. :)


a couple weekends ago the weekend nursing staff came up with a workout routine for the Darling's. Whew. My abs and arms have always struggled...and that day was proof! Cale did awesome! It lasted about 20 minutes which was long enough! On our own we did it the following weekend just not as much as they had us do...and that was the last time! We need to get back to it! 

For Cale's speech session last week we went to McDonalds. Cale dipped one chicken nugget in the hot mustard just to try... "eh" was all we got! Ha!

This last Saturday we watched hockey and snuggled. I know I was a fan...and I'm pretty sure he liked it too :) I also got a haircut! Much needed!! 

The February Darling Project has linked up with Valentines for Veterans on Facebook! Every week a new veteran is listed and then hopefully flooded with cards of support and encouragement! The Darling Project is joining for this month but the actual Valentines for Veterans will continue through the year! Sending a card is a lot less of an ordeal than shipping a soccer ball! Please join us in reaching out and being a blessing! 

The first Veteran was:

Happy Military Monday! Our Veteran of the week is SSGT Jason Ross a Marine, a husband, a father, a son and a brother. He takes on each of these roles with pride. As a Marine, Jason is a highly trained explosive ordinance device (EOD) technician. On his third deployment in Afghanistan, an IED blast in March 2011 changed his life forever. This event left Jason clinging to life and his family scrambling to be at his side in Germany. Its been nearly two years, an 18mth hospital stay & the strength of one determined man to move forward honoring his country! Let us honor him! Please send Valentines, words of encouragement to;
Jason Ross
PO BOX 3926
Topeka, KS 66604
If you would like to submit a Veteran for Valentines email we will showcase a new Veteran every Monday for the rest of the year giving them the personalized love & support they deserve!

And this weeks Veteran is:

Introducing Milton Edward Barker, ARMY RA INF, served overseas, 1962 to 1963 in National Guard, 1963 to 1966 he served overseas.
Please mail letters or cards to JJF Attn Milton Barker PO BOX 3926 Topeka KS 66604

Both of these men would LOVE to receive even just a quick note letting them know you're thankful...thankful for the sacrifice. 

Also, as you see in the picture of Cale above...he's wearing red! We also invite you to join in wearing red on Fridays to remember and support those still deployed! Post your picture on the Darling Project page to show your support! :) 

If you haven't yet-join the Darling Project! And, if you haven't yet-tell someone about it and get them to join! :) 

You may have noticed...we're still here! Walter Reed isn't letting us go too easily! :)

It's all good stuff in the works at the moment. Cale is continually making anyone around him laugh. I've had some exciting conversations. We look forward to home...


  1. WHAT a WONDERFUL IDEA!!!! I will be sending cards and whatever else Father puts on my heart. I am excited to get the new Veterans. AS you know, I don't do facebook and will FAITHFULLY check you blog for new faces and names. Even if these two are the only ones I get for awhile, I will be faithful in sending them encouragement. I love you and am blessed to hear the "good stuff". The rest is "good stuff, too", it's just wraped a little differeently. All that Father sends us (I relearned the word "test" in my bible study) is to see us succeed in His plan for us. As I said, all from Fahter is a blessing. It's just sometimes the blessings come in disguise, or strange and mysteriously wraped. With a hug, Marion

    1. I will be posting weekly with the new veterans! :)

  2. LOVE the haircut! Thanks for posting the addresses of these men on this site as I don't do FB either! ;o) (Too addictive for me.) I will send these men a note of encouragement! I know there is a whole lot more you wanted to tell us but we'll wait patiently and pray!! :o) Tomorrow is a new day...God's gift to us!! Being able to "start over" each morning is a wonderful thing, I think!! At least for me it is!! :o)
    Emily J.

    1. Yes! I'll be posting weekly the new veterans! And, I's quite the gift to have a fresh start every morning! Including with my eating habits! :-O

  3. I love the picture of you two snuggling. You guys are a great looking couple! Your hair looks beautiful.


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